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Asian Male Stars Friday

Okay time to hit the some party time my AMS Unicorns! It's Suki, to bring you the host with the most Asian Male Actors! Yes I will bringing to you on Fridays, the gorgeous, sexy Asian Male Actors. I will bring you one today to start off the party, but let me give a little DL(down low) about me. I am a mama with 4 children, they are my life and they keep me going. I love k-dramas as much as I do k-pop. I always root for the underdog in these dramas. I don't know why sometime, they just appeal more to me. Oh don't get me wrong the main actors have to going on to, but there is just that something about the second lead. Anyways I am mod support for may communities. I am from Seoul, Korea and I loved it there. I don't go back as much as I use to, since I have kids. The cost is way to much. And I love anything that has to do with Korean! now enough about me, let's get the party started.
To start off the party we have Ji Chang-wook. I am currently watching the drama "Suspicious Partner " where he plays an attorney. The last picture above is from the drama. You have to watch it. This is an AMAZING drama and I mean look at him, he is a nice piece of candy to watch. Some facts about him.
Name:Ji Chang-wook
DOB: July 5, 1987 (happy belated birthday)
Birth Place: Anyang Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Agent: Glorious Entertainment
Ala Mater: Dankook University (performing arts)
Height: 180cm

He appears quiet and shy, but he states that once you get to know him. He will warm up to you. I would like to warm up to him. He is funny and he can dress, but he has problemswith styling his hair, so he perfers to wear a cap, when he goes out. He doe not care about a woman's look more then he wants them to connect with each other. He loves the enjoyment of communicating with his love. He does not like it when they are not communicating.
Dramas he has performed in: Smile Again, Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, Empress Ki
He has played in a crime filmed called Fabricated City. TV series he has played in Suspicious Partner, Healer, and.....
YES!!!!! THE K2!! Look at those abs. In this drama since he destroyed so many white shirts(by taking them off, or getting ripped off), they had a car trunk full of nothing but extra white shirts for him to wear. How nice of them. Can I please get a job as a Korean Actor Stylist?! Ummm......I will have to look into that.
I love the tattoos! Some more facts about him. When he is nervous he sweats and twist his fingers. He loves acting, and would not have choosen a different kind of job. He loves to eat Korean rice balls after drinking with his friends. Some hobbies that he enjoys is taking walks around alone to think and clear his mind. He loves motorcycling! He posts pictures on his instagram and twitter account of him cycling.
He enjoying plating sports such as basketball and he plays night soccer with friends. Now both of these are games, I would love to play with him and his friends. It would be amazing. I guess you can tell he does work out, even though he does not watch what he eats. He loves food just as much as the next person. I need to be on his food program. Well the party has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it! I hope you will join me next week for another Asian Male Actor party. Suki out!

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