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I love SHINee. I've been with them since the day Replay dropped.

And I'm going to be completely honest:

If you had told me Taemin would have amazing solo songs, I would have thought you were joking.
When Taemin debuted, he wasn't given any lines, and when he did sing live it was clear he wasn't at the high level that members like Jonghyun and Key were at as far as voice control. I thought he was just going to be the cute dancer member forever.

Check his debut - no lines except those harmonizing with the other members:

When he did start to get lines, he stuggled during live shows:

(see at 0:30)

But then, something happened.

For me, it was Lucifer. Suddenly Taemin had more lines (that he sang really well) and he had a much sexier image.

After that, he only got better and better.

After all that training, Taemin emerged as an ultra sexy dancer AND singer. His control and range has improved SO MUCH and it still blows my mind a little bit.

Listen to his voice in this song! Where is that quiet cute maknae from 2008!?

One thing I love about Kpop is all the practice idols put into their craft and that we can see their talent grow with each comeback :)

Taemin is one of my favorite kpop talent glow ups!

Taemin isn't my bias, but the fact that he's improved so much since debut makes me so proud. It just goes to show that hard work and determination really does pay off in the end.
@JustinaNguyen this is exactly how i feel :)
Also I know a lot of people smack talk SM but I feel like they manage their stuff pretty well and their idols are able to go off and be successful as solos.
I still believe if you stuck Jonghyun, Taemin and Key into one body you would have a Korean Michael Jackson... Jonghyun for his amazing singing (Taemin is giving him a run for his money now), Taemin for his killer dancing, and Key for his fashion...
He has grown up a lot
I love him πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
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