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As I am writing this there are black coulds gathering in the distance (its 11:10am here in Seoul) and I am beginning to regret not bringing my umbrella today.

Luckily, I'm safely inside a cafe with nowhere to be - but what if I was a tourist with limited time? What if I didn't want to spend my entire vacation hiding in a cafe?

Good thing there are a ton of indoor options for you here in Seoul!

In July and August it rains quite a bit, but only in short bursts. It usually POURS for 30 minutes to 2 hours at most, then clears up and you're all good :) So don't think that its impossible to visit Seoul in summer~

Here's a guide for what to buy, where to go, and WHAT TO EAT!

Before watching this video - do you know what is the food all Koreans say is the perfect rainy day food? Leave a comment with your answer!

This is actually for a competition so your views really mean a lot to me! Thank you so much for watching my other videos I've posted here to - I have a really good chance of getting a prize!!! Wahh!!!

Do you have a rainy season where you live?!

I live in Florida ill be fine with the rain. its the snow that will kill me.(I want to see and feel the cold) I literally wear only sandals year long.
@deilig im the same with the snow - im from california!
I've been there! It's by lotte world.
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My favorite part was standing/sitting on the floor until the flowers and patches of grasses started to "grow"
If I can survive the meth corn state called Indiana then I think I can survive Seoul.
i live in Washington state it rains for at least six months, however we do not have the humidity answer to the quiz is soju and those thick veggie pancake's can't remember the name 😢 sorry.
jeon and makgeolli! you were close ;) and i personally LOVE rain without all this humidity! @KristinaCaron