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I love how Beerus can't do crap! hahah I wish tbis was cannon LOL
reminds me of a song it goes " It's the end of the world as we now it"
while it would be cool if possible for him to achieve red form but from the weird ritual you need 5 pure hearted saiyans and in that state theirs no way broly will get all buddy buddy with anybody due to the stress put on his mind and body from having a near unlimited amount of stamina and ki reserves so he would only need to train and not have PTSD Everytime he sees kakarot and he could achieve god form but since he's not canon I assume they replaced him with kale
He would be unstoppable!
I don't tbh
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@Kell13 oh I get you lol well he's power was shown no limit lol that's why since he wasn't Canon hahah so he's power was pretty much limitless x) sadly they didn't make him canon cause if he was then he would have goten more character of cores lol x)