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Wassup guys!!! Happy hump day!!!!! Kim's here bringing some exciting news for you all!!! It's our one and only anchovy, Eunhyuk!!!! After nearly being gone for two years, Eunhyuk completed his mandatory military service.
Members Leetuek, Yesung, Shindong and Donghae were in appearance for his return.
Oh how I love the love for EunHae!!!!
Not to mention a big chunk of ELFs came out for the welcome as well!!!!
Wwaahhhh, I can't wait to see this again when Donghae is discharged!!!!
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This is beautiful I'm so happy can't wait for Donghae to be discharged and they will be doing a fan meet for D&E Elfs there are so lucky we also need a SuJu M comeback hopefully that happens as well 2017/2018 is out year we got this