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Here's a new Korean with Kpop lesson!

Pretty appropriate since its been a long time, right? ;)

오랜 - a long time

<-- root word

오랜만 - a long time

<-- the difference is hard to explain, but when you're saying 'it's been a long time' you use this.

It can come in many different forms:


Most commonly: 오랜만이네요! - its been a long time/long time no see!

Here are some examples to help you practice!

1. 0:09 안녕 오랜만이야 - hello, its been a while

(an-nyeong o-raen-man-i-ya)

2. 1:48 오랜만이죠? - its been a long time, right?


3. 0:16 안녕 오랜만이야 - hello, its been a while

(an-nyeong o-raen-man-i-ya)


오랜 날 오랜 밤 - A Day Long Ago, A Night Long Ago

See the root word "오랜?" It means a long time ago or a while ago :)

Did you guys already know this word? Do you recognize it when you hear it?

I'm a simple girl... I see Namjoon... I click
Here it a lot in K-dramas, recently heard it I think in the Bride of the Water God
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@writerartgirl like maybe in the first episode or something?
these songs are so good too! thank you so much for posting this! it's great✌👍💞
It's a word that I've learned. Part of me wonders though if 오랜 is more referring to the time while 만 is like from 많이 so that it's literally a lot of time but I don't know exactly what 오랜 means. Lol