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Hey guys!
I'm not sure if anyone remembers me or anything but I'm finally back!

My name is Sasha the writer of Broken Peices of Our Hearts. I left due to some unfortunate events and I'm finally doing better ! So I'm back! I really missed you guys so much. I'm so happy to come back.

I'm starting all over again from scratch so I guess I should reintroduce myself, right!?
( Anyone reading this webtoon? we will get along if you do!)

My name is Syeshia but I go by Sasha or Syn. ( You can call me whatever you feel. I love nicknames )
I'm currently 17 years old and I live in the good ol' Amurica.

I have a flower aesthetic obsession I like dancing, singing, and writing.
I am a huge kpop/K-indie/khiphop fan so excuse if I spam yall with



( Aint he just the cutest yet rudest thing you ever saw?)

I got into Korean entertainment around 2007

This beautiful man is the cause of my whirlpool of despair (and love) for music and performing.

It's really nice to meet you all and to make friends again. I really love this app and the people here so I definitely missed all of you.
I'm going to do my best to get back in the swing of things .

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welcome back!!!!!!!!
It's good to be back! How's everything been going?