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You texting them that you want attention.

G-Soul- "Baby I told you I'm working. You'll get my undivided attention when I get home I promise."
Elo- "Why are you so needy today?" (legit was on his way to see you anyway because he missed you)
Simon Dominic- He's literally sitting right in front of you but when he reads your text he makes that face. He replies, "tell me what kind of attention you need baby girl." "Oh my god Kiseok you took that the wrong way."
Gray- Even though he's been at the studio all day, he's been on his phone most of the time. When your text pops up, he smiles. "Come over to the studio I've been bored all day." he replies.
Sik-k- Sends you a picture and a snap on snapchat "Alright that's all the attention you're getting from me today."
Jay- It's not Jay if it's not dirty lol. He tells you to come over and when you show up he's already got his shirt off and he's sexy dancing. (Charlie Puth's Attention is playing the background)
Loco- He just got a break when you send him the text and he sighs and yells from the closet. "Jagiyah! Go get attention from Ju Kyung!" (Poor puppy, your wore him out)
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lol, Simon and Jay. I swear, I really wish I knew them irl. I'd join jay in dancing though
idk who I want to teeth this with more. I feel like I'd fight Sik-K
lmfao you'd fight Sik-k for not giving you attention πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bahaha man omg I really loved Simon, Jays, Locos and Sik k.. haha actually they were all good they all were..