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After going through about 500 or so photos and videos taken at KCON, recording myself talking about my experience for 1 hour, editing the video for an entire weekend, and 3 days of exporting the video before uploading to YouTube which took 1 hour... my video is finally up!

Check it out below!

Sorry it's such a long vlog, but if you have 40 minutes to spare... please check it out and let me know what you guys think. I also didn't realize until after I uploaded the video that the audio started lagging after a few minutes into it. I promised myself that I will never take on a project this big and make a video this long ever again. I lost so much sleep over this video! And the quality is so-so. I'm so sorry. Waaaaah.

But despite my hardships on this project, I hope you guys still enjoy it and that you guys will continue to follow me through this YouTube journey that I decided to pick back up on my own.
Now, I gotta get on this recent videos that came out within the past 2 weeks... those are next on my list.



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