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Hello everyone!
I am happy to say that I'll be staying with Monsta X this Q as unofficial support!

I'll be posting for Wonho again and I'll continue to post Wonho Day's one Wednesdays!!
(Enjoy a picture of me, this is a rare occasion!)
A little bit about me:
~I've recently changed my Username from ChaErica to @Halsyeon. So if you didn't know that that's who I am!
~My real name is Erica. But you can call me Halsyeon or Taeran. Or if you're already close to me Erica is fine! :)
~I'm a red head!
~My Monsta X bias is Wonho so I'm super happy to represent him!
~My Monsta X wrecker is Kihyun...I didn't have a wrecker until recently...
~My Ultimate Bias is Cha Hakyeon/N from VIXX.
~My favorite actor recently changed from Ji Changwook to Yoo Seungho! If you don't know who they are you should check them out!
~Favorite song (at the moment) would be a six way tie between:
+Anti - Zico
+Six Feet Under - The Weeknd
+Yamazaki - Bang Yongguk
+1 2 3 4 5 - VIXX
+Dream In A Dream - Ten (NCT)
+I'm Good - Henry (SJ)
If you haven't heard them you should listen to them!
~Favorite drama (at the moment) would be a tie between Circle: Two Worlds Connected and Healer.
You should also check these out if you haven't already!

Okay enough about me! I hope you look forward to Wonho Days!

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Nice to meet you!
You too!