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The guys not forgetting your three year anniversary.

Loco- He had been planning it for a while and only pretended like he didn't know what was coming up. He made sure he came home on time so he could draw the bath, light the candles and spread the rose petals. After a nice relaxing bath together and some other aquatic activity (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge) Hyukwoo presents you with your anniversary gift. An expensive ass diamond ring that could eclipse the sun it shined so bright.
Jay- He may be extra in everything he does but that's also what makes this big gesture super romantic and touching. After setting up the table at the house and creating a romantic atmosphere, you both sit down to have a four course meal (he hired waiters and a cook for this night). Knowing you loved Winnie the pooh as a child, he grants you the gift of your very own stuffed pooh bear.
G-soul- He didn't have the scene planned out, it was more spontaneous than anything but he knows you like a good romantic atmosphere so when you step into the bedroom and see this it takes your breath away. After making love to some nice romantic music and curling up in the sheets together, he remembers that he forgot to give you your present first. He hands you a box and it's not only a set of lingerie but also earrings, nail polish, a necklace and he hands you another box with some sexy heels.
Simon D.- His schedule was hectic the past two months which was why he made reservations at this outdoor romantic restaurant in advance. It's right on the beach and you two can watch the sunset and enjoy the candle light. After walking on the beach and enjoying the warm breeze, he takes you home to give you one more surprise. You both get are adopting a puppy!
A bit dorky maybe even cringe worthy but I wanted to try a different version of reactions I guess.
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lmao I legit like Winnie the pooh but can I experience a little bit of everything. because I want a puppy with Simon D, and Loco really is too sweet. and can we talk about how simple and chill my night with G.Soul is????
I love G-Soul date just so relaxing lol.
Sigh!!! They are all so nice and differrnt ... Lmfaoo but omg loco.. aquatic activity 😂😂😂 Lmfaoo... But Simon and jays were perfect... my kind of night!
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@BabydollBre awww okay now I get what you're saying. gotcha gotcha and yea that's very true. very true. I didnt see that until you explained it.. his actually semmed realistic to me. but you're right