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“I satisfy myself by watching the members eat, I used to be fat and now I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m always worried that if I begin eating more, I will gain weight again.”
– Red Velvet’s Wendy
@CristalTrujillo @SweetDuella @biancadanica98 i looked into it a bit more and it seems like there is lots of evidence of wendy being scared about eating because of their manager. he is really strict about how much she eats :( even on TV shows when they're cooking and having fun she eats really little :(
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That's really sad to hear, I know idols are told to diet all that time but not eating proper portions could drain her energy.
omg there are no words to express the sight I'm seeing. poor girl needs to gain some weight to be healthy this isn't safe for her and my Lord she's so beautiful And talented to be suffering this
Eat til you're satisfied!
This makes me so sad 😭. Wendy, girl, from (pre)debut until now there has not been a moment where you could be considered fat. Please eat more... Also, can these entertainment companies please teach their artists how to diet healthily instead of starving themselves? You can lose weight and stay fit by eating right and exercising. There is no need for anyone to starve themselves to stay skinny. It's really unhealthy since we need nutrients from food (and vitamins) to survive...
I just saw that and it made me so sad to see her starving herself. Its not healthy. so worried about her 😢😢😢
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