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Who do you think would win? give explination hahah ^_^ I want to read these comments if my OUTAKUS!
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also u got Goku who could easily take on luffy and Naruto(sad to say) and natsu who came back from the void (which basically was trying to erase his existence) so yeah
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im gonna have to say zeno only because of zeno... goku can easily take luffy and naruto by himself... if it wasnt for the fact that zeno can destroy anything i'd go for team saitama any day
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I get how people would think zeno would win because he can wave his hands and literally erase stuff but you see the wrong turn people make is thinking about it like "yeah zeno can erase your f***ing existence" 'poof' gone but when you look at saitama u shouldn't think at all cause his power is that of a gag cartoon character now does their power make sense no should they be dead probably but their power knows no bounds like when arale came back in db super she was there since the og Dragonball and once she made a reappearance in db super she can't compare with these new and improved rag tag group called The z fighters right? Wrong she wooped Vegeta's a** and gokus too and her stupidly insane power made no sense but hey they "thought" they could beat her in a fight, well the moral of the story is anybody saitama is fighting is gonna lose regardless of their ability due to the fact that he cannot lose but by all means cheer on your favorites
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I love your comment! You are correct my friend!
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after watch DBZ and one piece crossover it was shown tht luffy could measure up to super saiyan 1 but as we all know Goku always tends to hold back before beating him but maybe with haki luffy could give him a hard time there is not much information on zeno physical strength so I agree with you @ColtynGriffith But it feels like a 50/50 depending on if Zeno gets a chance to do anything or not plus there isn't much in @ColtynGriffith
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