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Tien Sa Port - Sunset on the sea

Located away from the center about 15km heading to Son Tra, Tien Sa Port is not well-known to many tourists because it is pristine and not focused on tourism. However, it is one of places to visit in Da Nang that many local people like and choose to be an ideal picnic destination. 
Tien Sa Port is most beautiful when sunset comes. You can go camping overnight and set fire to barbecues. Although the beach is not as cool as My Khe beach but so much cleaner and quiet.

Hai Van Pass – The touching point of heaven and earth

Hai Van Pass is a pass between Hue and Da Nang - a pass that wanderlust travelers often have to conquer once in life. The beauty of the Hai Van Pass can only be described most clearly through the 5 words 'touch of heaven and earth'. Many young people take the train from Hue to Da Nang just to get the beautiful view of Hai Van Pass. This is also an ideal destination for tourists to enjoy the trip when they climb to the top and check-in between the majestic mountains and forest in front of the blue ocean. On the top of the pass on a sunny day, you will definitely no longer have to regret your youth for a second!

Places to visit in Da Nang for the couples: Bridge of Love

Legend has it that when the couples leave the lock on the bridge, love will be long forever. The love bridge in Europe always makes young people yearn to come to lock their love forever, and now you don’ have to be jealous any more. You can just visit Da Nang and come to the Love Bridge at DHC Marina next to Dragon Bridge. Many romantic lanterns, beautiful fairy in the middle of romantic Han River decorate the small bridge. This place has become one of the most beautiful places to visit in Da Nang where couples need to check-in.