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My favorite rapper finally debuted after waiting two years! One, or Jung Jaewon, was originally in a idol group One Punch. while in this group he auditioned for show me the money 4. Sadly he didn't get very far. Then between that season and season 5 his group disbanded and yg entertainment took him in. When he appeared in season 5, he said that yg hand promised him go debut soon. however he was a untapped talent that yg sort of ignored and debuted later. finally it happened though!!!!
And for all of those who are saying he's a pretty boy so what skill does he have as a rapper. What about Gray? One of the top rappers in korea who is known for being pretty. On season 5 they said that if you are pretty then you have to rap 10 times harder.
But check him out because his new album is very good and the beat is sick!

wasn't he Samuel a former member of seventeen
no he was part of only OnePunch. right after he joined yg
Amber's twin brother *question mark...lol
he does look similar to Amber