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Hello Everyone, Sky Here ❤

I've Said This Many Times Before, I Am A Proud Taehyung Stan (I equally love all members, but Taehyung continues to steal my heart).

Without Further Ado, Here Are Some Confessions By Yours Truly :-)

☆I Decided To Make This Into A Q&A Style, It Seemed Like A Fun Twist xD

Q: When Did You Start Stanning Him?

♡ In all honesty... I don't even remember xD. My first BTS bias was Namjoon, but the switch from him to Taehyung was so subtle I forgotㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I do remember how I would watch fancams & cute/ awkward moments of him. I didn't realize how adorable he was. How much I love Rap Mon, Taehyung took his place.

He Also Took Jackson's Place From Being My UB... But That's A Different Story xD


Q: What's The Hardest Part Of Stanning?

♡ When People Call Him Stupid
♡ Ship wars between Taekook vs Vmin (at least for me xD)
♡ People Saying He Can't Sing
♡ When He's Eerily Quiet (i hate seeing him not act like himself ㅠㅠ)
i unfortunately do get into a lot of arguments on twitter just to defend him. im not saying u should do it by any means... im easily ticked off when i see something clearly false about him ^^;

Q: Favorite Part Of Stanning?

♡ My favorite part... um....

No, But Foreal Tho xD

♡ An Equal Amount Of Adorableness & Sexiness
♡ His Box Smile
♡ The Way He Treats Others
♡ His Beautiful Deep Voice
♡ Constantly Asking How Everyone Is (overall just a complete sweetheart)
there are countless more reasons... but we'll be here for a few years

Q: Previous BTS Bias?

lol, the only & one Kim Namjoon
(he rly wants his spot back)

Q: Who Almost Stole You From Taehyung?

♡ ...why do u want kno...? im loyal, no one has come close to taking me away from him. they're all bias wreckers... but i never thought about switching T^T


OK.... Was Probably Jungkook



Q: Can You Bless Us With A Spam?

♡ I Sure Can ;-)

That Comes To An End Of This Card~

Thank You For Listening To Me Low-key Fangirl xD I Appreciate It
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As a Tae stan, I agree with you 100% 😍 Except the fact I'm with TaeKook... ;-;
This is so true... I also had a different bias as a Baby ARMY I stanned Hobi at first and then something happened and an adorable one of a kind alien beamed himself into my heart like BAM!!! I was a goner... I love unique people and TaeTae is the very definition of unique... Seriously, if all aliens are as cute, pure, freaking hilarious, adorkable, sweet and weird(to me weird is good, being normal is boring) then sign me up for an alien invasion (imagining an army of TaeTaes...) He is too good for this world... He stole the UB spot from SHINee's Onew...
And once again, you proved that he's a bias wrecker
I tell you what, that boy is cute and I wanna be his friend
honestly same
My app messed up and cut off a bit of my comment above... So I deleted the old one and put the full one lol... ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️♋♾🇰🇷🇯🇵🇭🇰🇹🇭🇨🇳