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Hello Inspirits! My name is Melissa. I will be part of Infinite mod support team this Quarter. I'll be sharing a little about myself and who I'll be supporting this quarter.
First, I'll be sharing how I discovered, and how I was drawn into the fandom. I knew of Infinite but didn't fall for them til I started watching a K-drama called High School love On. It had 2 main leads, who happened to Woohyun and Sungyeol from Infinite. I was in shock, like how did I miss such good looking men. So I continued to watch the drama, and was impressed by their acting. I decided to look into Infinite more. My first music Video was 'Back'
This was the song that suck me into Infinite fandom called Inspirits. I haven't left yet.
Now for a little more personal things about myself. As you know my name Melissa. I'm the leader for Boys Republic Community. I'm a multi-fan in multiple fandom, which has lead me into being in lots of support teams. My Ultimate bias is Sunwoo from Boys Republic. My bias from Infinite is currently Myungsoo/L. Infinite is in my top 5 favorite kpop groups.
I live in Waco, Texas. I work for a company called Trane in McGregor, Texas. I've been there for 17 years now.
I don't own any pets but help support 4 dogs. I'm a big sister to 2 male dogs and an Aunt to 2 females. We have an Alaskan Husky male and Austrian German Shepherd male that belong to my mom. We have a half Hound and half Pitbull female and the youngest is full breed Pitbull female that belong to my niece and nephew. I would love to have my own dog but I think 4 is enough.

Now for the member I'm supporting this Quarter, Kim Myungsoo/L. Every Wednesday, is my day to post for Infinite. So I'll try my best to keep up for now on.
Kim Myung-soo (Hangul: 김명수, born March 13, 1992), better known by his stage name L, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the boy band Infinite[1] and its sub-group Infinite F.

Kim Myungsoo was born on March 13, 1992[3] in Seoul, South Korea. He has a younger brother, Kim Moonsoo. He attended Duk-soo High School and graduated from Daekyung University on February 15, 2013, along with members Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, and Sungyeol majoring in practical music.

2010–13: Debut with Infinite, acting debut and photography Edit Main article: Infinite (band) L debuted as a vocalist and visual of Infinite in 2010. The group official debuted on June 9, 2010.[5] Aside from Infinite's activities, he has participated in acting projects. In 2011, He made his acting debut in Japanese drama Jiu Keishicho Tokushuhan Sousagakari, which aired on TV Asahi in July.[6] In January 2012, he was cast in tvN's idol drama series Shut Up Flower Boy Band. He played a guitarist of the rock group named Eye Candy.[7] He also made a cameo appearances in SBS' sitcom Salamander Guru and The Shadows.[citation needed] In October 2012, L was cast in a supporting role in MBC's sitcom What's The Deal, Mom?.[citation needed] On October 3, 2012, he guested on Radio Star to promote the sitcom, along with Kim Byung-man, Ryu Seungsoo and Kim Seo-hyung.[citation needed] On May 15, 2013, L released his photo essay book titled L's Bravo Viewtiful, showing photos taken by him on a 93-day journey. The book was released in two versions; Korean and Japanese. The book was a best-seller, and reached #1 in pre-orders on online bookstores such as YES24 and Kyobo,[8] and was quickly sold out upon release.[citation needed] In August 2013, he was cast in a supporting role in SBS's Master's Sun, playing the younger version of So Ji-sub's character.[citation needed] On September 25, 2013, the second part of L's Bravo Viewtiful was released.[citation needed] Like its predecessor, the book also made it on the best-seller's list.

2014–present: Infinite F's debut and supporting roles in television Edit Main article: Infinite F In 2014, he was cast in supporting roles in MBC's Cunning Single Lady and SBS's My Lovely Girl.[citation needed] L was announced to be joining the subgroup Infinite F, together with his bandmates Sungyeol and Sungjong.[citation needed] The subgroup was officially announced during Infinite's "One Great Step Returns" encore concert.[citation needed] They also performed their song "My Heart is Beating" from the soundtrack of Hi! School-Love On, which starred Sungyeol and Woohyun as the main leads.[9] The subgroup has previously had their official release titled "Going Crazy", which was included on Infinite's 2nd album Season 2.[citation needed] They officially debuted in Japan with the single album "Koi No Sign" on November 19, 2014, followed by another single album release, "Azure" on December 2, 2014.[10] Infinite F made their official stage debut on MBC's Music Core on December 5.[11] In June 2015, L made a cameo appearances in SBS' The Time We Were Not in Love, playing Ha Ji-won's homosexual intern.[citation needed] In August 2015, he was cast in the movie Mister Shark, about a boy who befriends a shark.[12] This will be his debut role in film. In May 2016, it was announced that L and Kim Min-seok will appear on a Korean variety show called Celebrity Bromance.[13] The following month, L was a guest on King of Mask Singer under the alias of "I'm Your Father" in Episode 63.[citation needed] He was the first member of Infinite to appear on the show.[14] The same month, he was cast in Korean-Chinese web drama My Catman.[15] In August 2016, he was cast in KBS's four-episode drama titled The Day After We Broke Up.[16] The drama was also aired in Japan under the name I Want to Protect You ~One More Time~.[citation needed] He co-stars in MBC's The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017).
Credit source: Wikipedia

Myungsoo is very talented and handsome young man. I will be looking forward to be part of Infinite mod support team. Thank you @LemonLassie for letting me stay on.
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thanks for joining again Melissa