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Hello ARMYs!!! Anthony here, welcoming the new quarter!!

Since Vingle got rid of mods, Bangtan's ARMY Team decided to stay together as the unofficial BTS mod squad for Q3, providing weekly themed cards!

▪About Me▪

✪BTS is my UB group
✪Min Yoongi is my king and UB
✪I have been on Vingle for over a year
✪My birthday is 1/16
✪Proud Capricorn
✪I'm 26, older than all the BTS members. :'|
✪I've been an ARMY since early 2014
✪I'm Suga's biggest fanboy and proud ಠoಠ
✪Jungkook was my first BTS bias
✪G-Dragon was my first bias
✪I'm not really a multifandom but I do appreciate other groups.
✪I like Korean rap, rap in general, electronica and really anything but country.
✪Non-BTS related: I like horror, designing stuff, making money lol, video games, anime (One Piece atm), Netflix (Walking Dead - again) , and hookah.
✪I'm an advocate for LBGTQ community.
I will be representing the amazing Min Suga this quarter every Thursday with Bangtan's ARMY Team's "Bangtan's ARMY Weekly" themes!!!
Stay tuned every Thursday for Suga cards!
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I didn't know Kookie was ur first bias fam (of BTS)....like...it was never even a thought 😂😂
6 months ago·Reply
Haha! 😆 He was! But it didn't last long before Jimin stole his spot. 😂
6 months ago
It is nice to meet you!
6 months ago·Reply
Nice to meet you too!! 😊
6 months ago
Nice to meet you! I'm also a huge bts/suga fan!
6 months ago·Reply