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Hello, Boice! I have return, but on a different day! I will be bringing you CNBlue on Fridays. I hope you will join me and let's have fun.
A little about me. I love anything Korean, food, music, movies, dramas, etc! I listen to k-pop in my car on my way to and from work everyday. I listen to it all the time in my car! My kids tell their friends "My mom only listens to K-pop in the car." They know me so well. I have 4 of those precious children! They are my world and I love then to death. I teach my kids about Korean culture, since that is where I was born and lived for part of my childhood. I am trying to take them there next year to visit, hopefully if thisngs work out for me. I think they would love it.
Well this pretty much sums me up. I hope that you will join me on Fridays! See you then!