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Hello JJP Bouncers. It's Friday, so let's show some love to these wonderful guys.
I must say these two are such a lovable pair. The look great together! They also so much love for each other. So I saw this funny clip on tumbler and had to share with you.(credit to the owner)
So apparently they asked about clothing and someone stated that he takes all hi clothes off at the dorm, but Jinyoung replied he does ware his underware and BamBam replied they were lepoard print. I think Jinyoung was embarressed about this one. Now onward to another funny. (credit to the owner)

They asked JB what does he wear to sleep. The look on Youngjae, face from the question is funny. Youngjae then replied, nothing. He wears nothing to sleep. JB like no,no,no trying to deny it. But now I wonder who to believe, does he ore does he not. Ummmmm....let me ponder on this.
Well I hope you enjoyed Free Friday! See you next time.

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good stuff... love my boys. bias and bias wrecker <3
Thank you.