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Hello Topp Klass! It's Melissa with B-joo Day! I'm sorry that I'm running behind this week. For this week's theme, we are sharing what we love best about our member. What I love best about B-joo is his beautiful smile. Its just so pure and sweet. If you don't believe me, take a look for yourselves ;-)

This is all for this week's B-joo Day. What do you love best about B-joo? Please share it with us.

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@KMinion Right!
6 months ago·Reply
I love his smile! I also love his funny personality , and also his love of dance 😊
6 months ago·Reply
@destiny1419 Oh yes! I love that about him too
6 months ago·Reply
He is so cute and his smile is adorable.
6 months ago·Reply
@sukkyongwanser Definitely one of best smiles around 😊
6 months ago·Reply