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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my intro car for infinite!!! I've been lucky to be able to be a support for infinite again (although it's only unofficially) for another quarter, this being my third in a row!! I'm super excited for this quarter, anybody else!!!
Before I get started I would like to welcome @InfiniteKiss to our team! Your never ending love (I legit almost put infinite love, but then stopped myself from the cringey pun...) for infinite is amazing and I just know you'll be a great help to us this quarter, I'm so excited to be able to work with you again!
Okay, enough of my sappy congratulatory speech, onto the specifics! This quarter I've been lucky enough to snag the position to support sunshine again! Thats three quarters in a row I get to be blessed with my sunshine!!
Okay, now the boring stuff: here's a little bit about me. I first found infinite after watching let's go dream team and idol maknae rebellion. I was very fascinated by Kim Dongjun and ukiss' Dongho so I started to look into them and low and behold, this baby popped up.
Then I found Sungjong and how would I not look into someone as beautiful as Sungjong!!?!? The rest is history!
Some info on myself? I guess I can give ya something. I have a lot of animals, but I will only name the ones that reside in my room: they consist of two pugs Gizmo and Rocko and two (soon to be four) cats named Hoshi and Nana (plus Mark and Hyuckkie coming soon). Oh heck. There are also cats in my sisterS room and my parents room that I take care of and their names are: Precious, Irene, Wendy, Mufasa, Simba, Garfield, Jeffrey and Tubby.
I'm super excited for this quarter and I hope you all join me on sunshine Sundays where I hope to make your day a little brighter!
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful
Thank you for the welcome speech Jasmeme! I'm so happy to still be with you all and for a whole quarter this time. It's nice to be amongst friends and family. (I legit laughed at the Infinite love part) I can't wait to Support along side you and the others and see your future cards!
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"Make our laugh" even on here 😂I love you~
welcome back jazzy!!!! look forward to more Sunshine!