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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my highlight intro card!!! This quarter I have the opportunity to represent the maknae Dongwoon!!! I'm super excited to be Abe to help out!
Okay a little about me: I'm seventeen. I've been listening to kpop since 2011 and I'm produce 101 and wanna one trash (literally I'm like their landfill tbh.) I don't quite remember how I found beast I just did?? If that makes sense. I'm pretty sure it was an episode of weekly idol that caught my attention possibly, but I'm not positive so I just randomly feel in love with them. My favorite song has to be 12:30
I've legit been with highlight since before debut and I can say that I'm so proud of them. I hope you join me and Dongwoon on Wednesdays!
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful
I love your intro!
OMG I look forward to you destroying my life with Woonie Lol.