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Astro Mod Team/Support Intro (Unofficial)
Hello everyone!

This Q @WinKonVIP and I are taking over as joint-unofficial-mod for Astro!! We both have been on the Astro support team for a year now! We joined Astro back in Q3 of last year so we've come full circle! We are so happy to stay with the boys!!!

We aren't going to make posting mandatory every week since this is unofficial but please do look out for our cards on the boys!

So here's our team this Q!!!


Our pretty boy will be represented by @WinKonVIP


Our innocent little Maknae will be represented by @yehetmyohorat97


Our little dancer will be represented by @LtheKid8


Our magnificent Leader will be represented by @awkwardjazzy


Our small Eldest member will be represented by @MelissaGarza


And I'll be representing this beautiful sunshine again!


I hope you enjoy this Q with us!!


AROHA Mod Squad:
Astro Tag List:

If you wish to be tagged or untagged please let us know!!! :)
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These are such cute boys!
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