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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my beast intro card!! This quarter I've been given the opportunity to post about Junhyung on Thursdays!!!
Okay a little about me: -my ultimate bias is Lee Donghyuck aka Haechan of NCT. -my top groups are NCT, Pentagon, ace, seventeen, astro, and wanna one. -someone who totally wrecks me??? Park Woojin from Produce 101 (and now wanna one). -my favorite kdrama is the liar and his lover (the main actress is red velvets joy and it's super amazing.)
Now about Junhyung?? Well, he's a rapper (and a great one at that!) and he composes songs. He's very manly and doesn't like doing aegyo very much (but still turns out to be a total cutie when he does.) and he is the most adorable person ever!!! I hope you join me and Junhyung on Thursdays!!!
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful