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It's been a little while since I've updated any of my fan fic's but starting to come back slowly into the groove. So I'm going to kick it off with Comedy Duo!!

Chapter 5

They made it to the radio station just in time!
Adventures of seeing several idols at a coffee shop had made their morning as they got coffee and than got lost trying to get to the next building. Navigation was not something either female was good with, at one point Haley and Allie had gotten separated and Haley yelled out Chipmunk in the middle of a busy street. Several people stopped and stared at her and when that happened Allie saw it and yelled out Bunny. People's faces were so funny!
That was 20 minutes before they were due at the radio station and golly it took a force to get across the street to the place.

“Your on with Ruby and Diamond! I'm excited to say we have a couple girls here from the US! This comedy duo has made a name for themselves. kpop lovers at heart and soul!” Ruby introduced us on the radio.
“I'm so excited to be here!” Allie said.
“I'm the true kpoper, she's the jokester” Haley said.”I'm not a jokester, I do embarrassing things that people easily laugh at” allie summed up.
“Hmm like what?” Diamond asked intrigued. Allie thought for a second.
“Like yelling Bunny in the middle of an airport” Allie said.
“Hey! I just yelled Chipmunk in the middle of the street because you got lost” Haley shot back.
“And the stares it got led me right to you. Our planning works” Allie said making all three girls laugh.
“So you two have animal nicknames for each other do you?” Ruby summed up.
They started talking about animals for a bit and the girls cracked a few jokes towards the end of the show Diamond asked Allie about her most recent joke about her cell phone case. It was only than she realized Barry never gave it back.
“You'll have to come to the show tonight to hear it in person!” She amended. The girls nodded and said they got tickets to see it.

When the show was complete they asked if the two wanted to go have lunch, be shown around some of the big sites.
“That would be awesome. Were not to sure what's good around here, and food! Yes please!” The girls said
Downstairs Haley was shocked to see a few people she recognized from the other day.
“Shoot I forgot they were back” Ruby sighed.
“Jenni! Don't say that about your boyfriend!” Diamond slapped her friend.
“Sarah! Ow delicate flower here” Jenni rubbed her arm .
“Wait are they your boyfriends?” Haley stopped and looked between the two girls and kooki and Namjoon.
“You two!” Kookie pointed at us.
“Yup, we got a thing going. Your back baby!” Sarah went to hug kookie who returned it. “Jiminie!, my bestie!” Jenni went over to Jimin and hugged him getting a sigh out of Namjoon.
“Shouldn't I get the first greeting?” He tapped his foot.
“No! I'm still mad at you “ she said.

The interaction between all of them was flooring. Haley and Allie stood there completely confused what was transpiring.
“Girls are we heading back to the hotel?’ Barry asked haley and Allie.
“Uhm maybe” haley said.
“By the way I want my phone case back” Allie turned to him.
“Hmm no” he tapped his chin “I got you a new one” he added pulling a package out of his saddle bag.
“I want my purple fuzz” Allie exclaimed. “Barry I have a new joke to go with it I need it for the show tonight” Allie was starting to panic
“I think you'll be good with this new one though” he said handing it over. Her eyes focused and she stared.
“What is it?’ Haley asked.
“Hey what do you have there?” Jenni asked coming up by them. Soon a group was looking at what was in her hands.
“You really killed bunny fufu” kooki said deadpanned.
Allie pulled the clear plastic off and beheld the fuzzy bunny case, with ears and tail.
“Gimme!” Haley went to grab.
“You can have purple fuzz I got purple bunny!” Allie was super excited as she put it on her phone.
Instantly people were talking again, wanting food.
“Do you mind if these four join us?” Jenni asked. “You can socialize with Jimin and Tae. They are learning English right now” she said.
“Sure” haley exclaimed.

They spent the majority of the meal talking to everyone and talking about how they have a second show they are all invited to. Sarah said they got tickets for tonight, just her and Jenni and the guys could go the next time, before they left for another tour.

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Oh I get it. I like how both pairs are in the same story that's cool. (I still need to finish the last chapter of Kookimonster tho 🙃)