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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Stripped of Powers
I posted a recap of the long and sordid tale of Rob Ford last week. "Embattled Mayor Rob Ford vowed "outright war" after Toronto's City Council voted to strip him of most of his powers Monday in a tumultuous meeting during which a charging Ford knocked down one of its members. Nearly two weeks after Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a "drunken stupor" -- an admission forced by a drug probe that resulted in extortion charges against a friend -- the mayor said he was done apologizing. He called Monday's vote "a coup d'etat" and compared it to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, warning council members, "What goes around, comes around, friends."" He seems to think that he will squash the council members in the upcoming elections, which honestly I hope he does. This story is stranger and more interesting than anything that ever happens in US politics. If he can't win again in Toronto he's more than welcome to run in America, I'd vote for him
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good to see
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I watched the video and its ridiculous. This guy is out of his mind
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this guy reminds me of barry
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