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Hello there, and welcome to my card.

As the title states, I am looking for the hidden Keys of the Vingle Realm. I have decided that not only would I lead Cross Gene unofficially, but also spark up the JJCC community. My bebes and I will be bringing JJCC to light. Simply put, they have been in the dark long enough.

So. I will be taking care of the beautiful Maknae and Sloth:

Choi Hadon.

I will be bringing any and all of the YEASSSSS that pertains to Slothy. ❦

Stage Name: Sanchung (산청) Birth Name: Choi Hadon (최하돈) Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae Birthday: May 14, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @sancheong_jjcc ❦Sanchung Facts:❦
❦ He was born in Daegu, South Korea. ❦His nickname is Sloth. (He’s a slow talker but fast at rapping)
❦ He doesn’t have any siblings.
❦ Education: Anyang Arts School, Major in Theatre and Cinema
❦ He was a trainee for 8 Years 2 Months.
❦ He speaks Korean and English. ❦ His hobbies are watching movies, acting and sleeping.
❦ His favorite food is meat.
❦ He is the messiest out of JJCC members. (Arirang Sound K Star Date with JJCC)
E.Co’s impression of Sancheong: he thought Sancheong was the oldest.
❦ He’s a participant in Produce 101 Season 2.
❦ Sanchung’s Ideal Type: “I like long-haired girls who are pretty when they smile.”

• A little About me•

❦ I'm Aimee, my name was @AimeeH but my love for my Ultimate Group had plans set differently.

❦ I have many loves but These 2 will always and forever be my Kings

❦ I was the official Cross Gene Mod. Almost made it to my two year mark.

❦ I have been a Key since they debuted.

❦ I'm very multi-fandom. Beast and Cross Gene were my first groups. JJCC, 100% DGNA followed behind them.

❦ I'm an Avid gamer, Final Fantasy series have always been my favorite. Currently playing Ffxiv
❦ I have owned every system known to man besides an Xbox. (More of a Sony, Nintendo kinda gal)

❦ In JJCC I have one bias:

JJCC IS MY BIAS. I love them all.

Alright: Crew Intros: Some of you knows these preciouses from other groups and communities.

Representing Our beautiful Idiotic Leader Simba, is the lovely @JiyongLeo ♡ She fell in love with Simba instantly.
Our Beautiful E.Co will be taken care of by Meimei or @MelissaGarza So be sure to check out her cards on Wednesdays ♡

Our power Vocal will be brought to light by Bri, @InfiniteKiss on Fridays ♡

@InfinitySky is going to be the group's Yul, bringing his ailment healing smile with her on Saturdays.
@Changkyunie is taking care of Simbas Arch Enemy, Zica. She will be posting on Thursdays.

@awkwardjazzy will be heading our Australian Heartthrob Prince MakMak on Sundays.

(Yes we realize he's on Hiatus, but he's still a part of JJCC)

❦ We do hope you will join us. I created a Taglist. So if you would like to be tagged in our cards, let me know ♡