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Hey guys!!

So I have some big news that I am super excited about!!!

I have been WINNER Mod for nearly 1 year, and I love these boys to death! However, my first true loves are actually their hyungs, Big Bang. Big Bang was my first intro into kpop, and they have gotten me through some really low times. I cannot even express how much I love these guys.

As my team already knew, I was planning to go for Big Bang mod this quarter. With mods being dropped for the quarter though, my plan was foiled! lol. With my team's encouragement and support however, we decided to step up as an unofficial Big Bang support team!!

Please look forward to weekly cards from myself and my amazing team, @LtheKid8 @MelissaGarza @BBxGD and @InfiniteKiss

Join us for:
GD Mondays
TOP Tuesdays
Taeyang Wednesdays
Daesung Thursdays
Seungri Fridays
Big Bang Saturdays

This is going to be an amazing quarter!! Let me know below if you would like to be added to our tag list so that you don't miss a single card!!!

Fantastic Losers:


My Girl :

Wincircle Squad:

Konie Crew 2.0 :

Aroha Squad :


Tough Cookies :

Kpop Squad :

The Vingle Fam :

Let me know if you'd like to be added or removed from my list! :)

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