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They drove for awhile before coming to a stop somewhere west of the city. They all piled out. Xiumin and Chen followed behind SeHun and Jae. Once they were out of sight, where there weren't much people around, SeHun grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers with hers, smiling happily.

Xiumin's heart melted watching them. Chen gazed at their hands and before he knew it, he felt Xiumin's hand slip into his. He looked down then to Xiumin, Xiumin had a big playful grin, “Let's hold hands too!”

Chen laughed nervously, “oh, stop!” He hit Xiumin on the shoulder but Xiumin wouldn't let go. He held Chen's hand tight, still grinning at him. Chen's heart started to pound, his face turning hot, “It's kinda warm this evening, I wish I had some water.” He giggled nervously again, fanning his face. He hated it when Xiumin played around like that, so he took it one step further and laced his fingers with his as well just like a real couple would. Xiumin giggled and gave his hand a squeeze, swinging his arm with Chen’s.

They walked down a narrow alley, then turned down a walkway that looked a bit shady, before going up some steps. They came to a landing and there was a neon sign hanging in front of a window and glass door. They went inside. Once inside, the two men were amazed to find that it was a small restaurant of some sort.

They were seated at a round table.

“How did you find this place?” Chen asked first.

Jae looked around, “A friend of mine. Her family owns it. She told me about it. I'd been wanting to come check it out.” SeHun picked their meal even though it was up to the eldest ones at the table.

“But that's not what I want…” Chen looked at SeHun seriously, “Why are you ordering? Our hyung or noona should be doing it.”

“Because I always order for us.” He looked at Jae, she just shrugged, “I'm her man, that's my right, isn't it?"

The other two were surprised to hear that and busted out laughing.

“Sehun-ssi, where did you learn your manners?” Xiumin said wiping away tears of laughter. “No, but you're sort of right. As noona's BOYFRIEND, you can do certain things but she is still older than you. It's only when you're married you get to call ALL the shots.”

SeHun blushed, “Right, so I get to call all the shots.”

“One day.” Chen said, “Maybe, one day.”

“No. Today I get to call all the shots. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow… forever.” His mouth curled up in the corner. Then he felt Jae’s hand squeeze his knee hard, it made him jump. He looked at her, she was shaking her head slowly.

“Stop teasing them.” She quietly said with a small smile.

“K” he replied, he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the side of her head.

Chen and Xiumin giggled at how SeHun listened to her and how fast he straightened up. Chen nudged Xiumin, whirled a finger around another finger, then pointed at SeHun. Xiumin agreed.


Jae looked up and seen her friend standing behind Chen and Xiumin.

“Nari, I’m glad you made it.” She patted her friend's shoulder as she sat down.

She had her friend sit between herself and Xiumin. Xiumin gulped, looking at her in surprise, he quickly stood up and bowed. He nudged Chen to do the same.

Chen sat up straight and slightly bowed his head and shoulders, “Annyeonghaseyo”

Xiumin nervously eyed her, “Nari-ssi, how have you been?”

She looked up at him, “I've been well, thank you. How have you been?”

He smiled really big, “I've been really well, thank you.”

Chen looked on and couldn't help but notice how flustered his Xiumin got. He wondered who she was.

“Noona,” Chen says to her, “Have we meet before?”

She looks at him, “Not formally. I'm Lee Nari, I work in the makeup department.” She bowed her head and shoulders, he bowed back. “I have seen you often during photo shoots. I think I have only worked on you a couple times.”

“Ah.” Chen smiled politely.

After dinner, they all left in SeHun’s car. Jae sat in the front seat watching them. The three of them talking and laughing. Her friend was enjoying herself with the boys. She told herself that she's going to have to tell Nari that Xiumin and Chen are a package, if you take one in, you have take the other but she was glad to see them all getting along. Chen seems to really like Nari. Then she felt SeHun’s hand on her knee. She turned around, wrapping her hands around his.

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Package deal might not be so bad. 😉
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