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Who: Chase Malone x Reader
What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)
Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.
Y/n's POV

You woke up the next morning with Cha Cha no where in sight. It seemed like a common thing to you by now but for some reason you expected him to be in bed next to you when you woke up. You weren't sure if what happened yesterday you could call a fight but it definitely didn't end in a happy little parade. After making love, recreating the memory of your first date, seeing how in love both Gloria and Jay were and probably still are, all of the things that could've made it a great night ended in tension that you weren't sure was fixed the next morning.

After getting dressed for the day and walking into the kitchen you found that you were right. Things didn't seem much better. The place was empty, you walked into the kitchen seeing a note on the island.

Hey baby, I had to go into work something came up. I made breakfast it's in the fridge. I'll be home later. I love you.
You weren't sure what mood he was in despite the I love you he wrote at the end. Chase just seemed like a different person last night and it just made you wonder deep down was he the man that everyone was telling you, you fell in love with? He just seemed to be upset all the time. How did he help you in your time of need when he was feeling like this? Maybe it was that it just started, in the memories that did come back he was softer and smiled more. He laughed more and he looked like he had held so much love in his eyes. Now it was more like he was always hurt. He was always sad and just angry at something and you couldn't understand it. What was going on in his heart that had him feel like this.

Last night you dreams were flashing you back to a time that he took you out to this large fair happening and he bought you cotton candy. You two were laughing and making jokes. You saw a baby in the memory and you smiled and waved at the baby and just gushed at how cute the baby's reaction was to you saying hi. It had so much personality. There was a bit of an echo in the background of a baby crying, it seemed out of place, like while you heard it Chase didn't. You weren't sure if it was two separate memories or the same one. You memory dream seemed to get choppy a little bit. You did remember Chase asking you about children, neither one of you were wearing rings so it must've been when you two were dating.

He asked you if you wanted children and you didn't really want them but you liked them. You remembered not really wanting kids, it was just never in your plan to have them. You were wondering why the echos of a baby crying still kind of lingered in your head while you were awake the next day. You ended up calling Gloria to see what she was up to.

"Hey boo." she said in a groggy voice.

"Are you still in bed?" you asked.

She chuckled,


"How was your night with Jay?" You asked knowing why she was in bed so late.

She laughed like you saw right through her and she said,

"It was hella eventful."

"I can hear it in your voice. You're practically glowing through the phone." you said.

"Did you and Chase get down with the get down?" she asked.

You sighed,

"Yeah and that was great until I ruined it."

"How did you ruin it? Jay stop- I'm talking to Y/n.- Y/n Jay says Hi."

"Hi Jay."

"She says hi now go somewhere." she said to him.

You chuckled on your end.

"So what happened between you two baby cakes?"

"I asked about Sammy." You said.


"Why didn't you just tell me about him?"

"Well sweetie that wasn't my place. He really didn't want any of us to talk about Sammy to you. He was scared of what might happen." she answered.

"What do you mean? I mean I can't remember him it's not like I'd have this huge reaction of it."

"Are you serious right now Y/n? He was your son it doesn't-"

"Wait he was what?" You broke her off thinking you miss heard her.

"What? You said Chase told you about him right?" She asked almost sound like she fucked up.

"Chase said he was a friend of ours that died in the crash."

"Shit." you heard her whisper.

"Gloria what the fuck is going on?" You said suddenly pissed that you were lied to.

Gloria sighed and said,

"Y/n Sammy's death nearly destroyed Chase he didn't want the same thing to happen to you."

"Who is he?" you said.

"He was your son baby. He was nine months old."

You gasped in the phone and covered your mouth about to cry. Your head started to hurt and the cries you had been hearing in your dreams seemed louder. You started shaking and crying yourself.

"Oh my god." You breathed.

"Y/n? Y/n are you okay? 'm so sorry. I thought he told you the truth." she said.

"Why, why would he lie to me like that? Why wouldn't he tell me that-" You started crying.

"Sweetie I'm coming over just don't go anywhere. I promise you I'll be right there okay." She said.

Your head started hurting more and you dropped to your knees.

"Y/n?" Gloria's voice sounded increasingly worried.

You dropped onto the floor and blacked out...

Chase's POV

Chase had been called in by HR to discuss the issue of someone stealing from the company. It was pissing him off that now it seemed like there was more money disappearing. It just increased the amount of stress on him. He thought about how he treated Y/n last ngiht. He really wanted to see her this morning and apologize to her. Maybe try and make her smile again. He remembered at one point that she was his rock just as much as he was hers. In this situation, he really wished he could let himself lean on her but he couldn't.

He was trying to help her ease into their lives. He memeories weren't all back, he wasn't sure if they were ever going to completely come back but as long as she didn't remember Sammy he was fine. He was happy that she couldn't feel that same pain as him. It was still eating him alive.

He was sitting in the board room discussing what they could do to bring in more profits. They couldn't stop their productions right now. He considered having some of the artist going back with Jay. He wanted to see if he wouldn sign some of them on. Since he was still in charge of his Korean business. He was keeping them in good works and for right now Chase wasn't failing as a CEO he was keeping everything under the radar and he was still keeping the business going but the money they were losing was going to come back around and bite him in the ass and he wasn't going to allow that to happen when he ad thriteen other things to deal with starting with making up with his wife.

His secretary walked in, in her black pencil skirt and purple top with her hair in a bun. It reminded him of Y/n and how she came home in her work attire but then she'd strip down for him in a sexy little number he never would've guessed she was hiding underneath. He looked up at her and she leaned down to give him a message. Jay was calling him from his cell phone; he told his secretary, Janice, to tell him to turn on his phone and call him right now don't even finish the meeting.

He'd never heard Jay sound so urgent before aside from one other time and it had to do with Y/n. So he excused himself and called Jay,

"Man what's going on?" he asked.

"Y/n fainted." Jay said sounding distressed.

"She what? Why?" he asked.

"She remembers Sammy. The real Sammy." Jay said.

"Why did you say real?" Chase asked.

"She told me and Gloria that you told her that he was just a friend that died in the accident. When she came to she remembered him, Chase what were you thinking."

"Wait did she remember Sammy before she fainted or after?"


"Then why did she faint?" He snapped.

"She told Gloria that you told her who he was and they got to talking but she didn't know that you told her that she was a friend. When she found out that he was your child, she fainted."

"Fuck. Fuck okay I'm coming." Chase said.

"Chase- listen to me for a second. She's highly aggitated at the moment. She's not really going to want to see you so you have to be a gentle as possible." Jay said.

"Yeah okay."

He quickly hung up the phone and ended the meeting and told them he'd resume later on, on a confrence call. They all agreed and he left in a hurry. He sped home trying to get back in enough to time see if she was okay. When he came through the door, she was sitting on the floor by the couch. Her hands were on her head and there were pictures of Sammy all around scattered all around her. All the pictures that he had put away, all the things that he put away. His baby clothes, his pictures, his toys, they were everywhere. The room that he had been boxing in the door was open. Gloria and Jay were sitting in front of her trying to help her calm down.

"Y/n." he whispered.

She looked up at him, her eyes were red and she looked angry at him. He stared at for a moment and looked around at everything he'd put up. It was upsetting him that she pulled it all out. Like she was forcing him to face all the things that he wanted to run from. Jay and Gloria looked back at him; they stood up and walked over to him.

"She's freaking out." Jay whispered.

"Understandably." Gloria said annoyed.

"Who the fuck told you to tell her in the first place?" Chase snapped at her.

"Hold on- don't blame this on her. This is on you this time Chase. If you were going to tell her about Sammy, you should've told her the truth." Jay said stepping in front of Gloria to defend her.

Chase looked away and said,

"Get out."

"Are you sure?" Jay said.

"Yes. I need to talk to my wife." Chase said.

Jay nodded and took Gloria with him and they walked out of the house. Chase walked deeper into the living room. Her eyes were still leaking tears as she stared at the picture on the ground.

"Y/n." he said.

"Look at him." She said angry.

She picked up the picture and looked at him looking at him furious. She threw the picture at him,

"Fucking look at him!" She yelled.

You wiped her eyes trying to keep the sting away and looked back at him angry. Her eyebrows pointing down in that angry face of hers. She was so pissed at him and he knew she had every right to be but he didn't know what to do. He thought he was sparing her but she was so angry at him. She seemed hurt, more than before.

"You told me he was a friend of our on vacation."

"I know what I told you." He said.

"Don't fucking talk to me like that." She threw his onesie at his face.

He tried to behave himself. He didn't want to see any of this he didn't want to hold any of it. He didn't want to know it existed. He wanted to ignore the pain and throw it away. He should've thrown away Sammy's stuff, everything. She cried more and stood up to walk away. Chase caught her by her wrist.

"No don't go."

"Let me go right now." she said.

"Y/n talk to me."

"Every time I begged you to talk to me you walked away from me. You snapped at me, you pushed me away. Why didn't you tell me about our son? Why Chase? Why would you hide something so important from me?" she screamed.

"Because I didn't want you to feel the same pain I'm feeling." he snapped back.

She yanked herself out of his arms.

"Yeah well look how well that worked out for you. By hiding the truth I ended up even more hurt. My son is dead. Our son, our precious baby boy." She cried.

"Stop it." He said shaking his head.

"No. No I'll never stop. I want it to fucking hurt I want you to feel it too. Deal with it right now Chase! Right now! Tell me exactly how you feel!" She screamed.

He turned to walk away from him and she ran back to him. He grabbed anouther picture and stood in front of him and showed him the picture. She made him look at the picture of them holding him. Chase was fighting back anger and tears.

"Tell me you loved him. Tell me we loved him and that it hurts. Look at him!" She cried.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her away from him he looked away.

"Chase!" She screamed.

He looked back at her. Her face was covered in tears as she glared at him. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead. She cried even harder.

"Why won't you- We could've helped each other. We could've mourned together. You've left me out and you've left me alone." She cried with her forehead pressed to his.

"I'm right here."

"No, you're an illusion of your former self. You're not the one I loved. You're not the same I know you're not. He's your son Chase. He's your son, look at him." she begged.

"No." he shook his head.

She nodded and sniffed a little. She pulled herself away from him and wiped her eyes. She stepped away from him and grabbed the keys she had sitting on the table. Seh stood there for a moment just looking at all the things she had scattered out.

"I'm leaving for a while." She said.

His head jerked up in shock,

"Y/n." he said.

"Don't you dare." She looked back at him.

She walked past him to grab her purse on the island chair.

"Enjoy cleaning this up. I hope when I come back you've dealt with your demons." she said.

She walked past him again and he followed after her.

"No, no. Please Y/n don't go. Don't leave me." he said.

She looked straight at the door and said,

"If you know me as much as you say you do then you'll know to let me go right now. I need some time away from you. I don't want to see you right now."

She pulled her hand out of his hand and she opened the door and walked out. He punched the front door upset but he knew that if he continued to try and make her stay that she'd be more pissed at him and she'd pull away from him more. So he had to let her go, but he didn't want to. He wanted him wife back. He went back to the living room and sat down and all his frustrations came out in tears. He stared at Sammy's things. He didn't have the strength to pack them back up, he didn't have the energy to fight it out on the punching bag.

He was broken...

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