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So I came across this tweet on Twitter. I am actually happy that they are taking legal action against those people who think it's okay to leave hate comments, and sexual comments on the boys tweets on Twitter. Maybe this will open up all those haters eyes and make them stop doing what they are doing. Bighit also stated that there will be no negotiations.

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here is another article-
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I'm glad that these companies are protecting their boys but when did all this happen ppl need to stop hating I hope they can still take legal action on the ppl who threatened to kill poor Jimin like what did he ever do to you haters ugh
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I felt violated so I could just imagine how poor Jimin would feel if he read this stuff or any idols. Not that I'm innocent lol and I've read romance novels before. But it's not the same when it's about someone whom you feel like you know beause you've learned so much about them you know?