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Wazz poppin Jimbo? So..I've been thinking about making and putting fanfics on here. I made one a few years ago and it's not even that good, it's really short and kinda meh but I've been thinking about putting that on here as well as making a new one I recently had an idea for. Now I'm not experienced at writing fanfics so if I do put one or two up and they suck, please tell me. Also I have made a few cards on here and I don't know if that will be an ongoing thing or not, depending on any feedback I get from whoever reads this I might make a short series or something idk. Sooo...yeah, don't have anyone to tag yet cause..well..I'm just starting out so I don't have my own little taglist family but if anyone who's reading this would like to be tagged to see how it goes that would be cool..I hoping I'll get to tag some people that make fanfics all the time and are experienced in it in my future cards if I have any and maybe I'll make cards that aren't fanfic related and are just silly little random things I don't know. Also, since I'm not really familiar with how this tagging stuff works and knowing where to put my cards if something is not where it should be or if you have any tips or something to tell me please tell me cause I'm wingin it here. Anyway, yeah, sorry for this card being so long. Guess I'll see anyone who's reading this in the next card. (Which will probably be one of my fanfics) Again, to anyone who's reading this if you want to be tagged in future cards just let me know. (Again I have no experience so this is like a little experiment..kinda sorta. Hope it goes well, later!! 3)
I'd love to see what fanfics youve written! Please tag me if you do!!πŸ˜„
I would love to see what kind of stories your creative brain is thinking of. when you make it up please tag me! β˜ΊπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸΌ
@FileNotSaved @SweetDuella ok, I'll totally tag you guys. Thanks for reading my card 😊