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It's a new quarter-ish and I've noticed a few people changed there name and things change, so it's time to update the taglist, like so many.

I'm only going to do two tag lists this time!
The Fam Tag
Which will include cards for:
- All boy groups (From Bts, Bap, exo, and such and such those are the big 3 though)
- All Girl groups (Twice, Red velvet, blackpink and such and such)
- Game and Quiz cards
- K Drama cards
- News Alerts ( New category which highlights all kinds of Idols)

Then there will be:
The Fan Fic taglist!
Which includes all fan fic stories, from oneshots to the long stories!
Plus I'm going to be starting to do a short story soon that will involve BM from KARD, being a little different and going outside bts fan fic's!

. . . . and I just realized I need to add a section of Adult fan fic taglist as well

So I'm going to tag those who have been tagged last quarter

1. Fam tag! For everything!

6 Fan fics

Tag me in everything please 😊
I'm seeming to be in the fam tag as of lately, please keep me in it. πŸ˜„
Tag me in all please 😊
Keep me in fan tag for everything
keep in the fam please
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