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I hope you guys enjoyed it! ^_^
In the comments below name all the characters you see here!....... if you can heheh
(This is not my art)
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@ImmortalArtist. I'm going to attempt to name all the superheroes: Spider-Man,Wolverine,Superman,Batman,The Flash,Green Lantern,?,Magneto,The Terminator. The. ones below are: Magneto,Spider-Man,Superman,Wolverine,Captain America,Iron Man,The Hulk,Thor,?,Batman,The Flash,Green Lantern. I don't know who the? Robot thing is.Perhaps you can enlighten me?:-P
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@funk1lock8 oh no my friend this is not my art 🙈 i am a artist and i do draw but my skills are not to this level yet 🙈🙈🙈sorry to disappoint