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안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my fellow K.A.R.D stans and soon to be K.A.R.D stans.


How exciting is this news!!!! KARD is doing a part 2 to their American (even South America) tour!!!
This is such beautiful news becauseeeeeeeee

They are legit blessing me for my birthday!!
How amazing will that be!!! I can't wait!!

BTW: here the info dates, venues and ticket sale dates.
^the above is a screenshot of subkultureent release so visit then on faceyspace for more info.
Too excited like yall don't understand, THIS IS A MUST!!!

And we are officially only D-5 away. from their official debut.

Is anyone thinking of going??

**JiWoo looks sooo beautiful and J Seph lord that man kills me soo bad, and BM and SoMin already slaying it**


---I'm a mess---

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jseph in ripped jeans is blessing 😶