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"Former Texas women's track coach Bev Kearney, who won six national championships for the Longhorns before abruptly leaving 10 months ago, filed a $1 million lawsuit against the school Thursday, alleging race and gender discrimination and retaliation. Kearney attorney Derek Howard said his client sued in Travis County District Court. Kearney, who is black, resigned Jan. 5 as Texas was preparing to fire her for an inappropriate relationship with one of her athletes in 2002. Texas later revealed that assistant football coach Major Applewhite, who is white, was allowed to keep his job after having an inappropriate relationship with a student trainer on a bowl trip in 2008. Kearney's suit seeks $1 million in damages for lost and future wages, mental anguish, court costs and loss of enjoyment of life. She was Texas' first and only black head coach in any sport. Texas said it was reviewing the suit and would respond through the proper legal channels." :The 12-page suit claims "other university employees (all of whom are white males) have been involved in relationships with students or direct subordinates and have not been subjected to termination, let alone any meaningful disciplinary actions." In addition to the unidentified administrator, Kearney mentions as examples Applewhite and "other coaches within the University's Athletic Department, current and former law school professors, current and former professors within the university's undergraduate school, and a department chairperson." The suit says knowledge of such past relationships was "quietly disregarded and swept under the rug."" It's all fun and games when the white males are getting laid but once a black woman does it she gets fired. It's a sad state of affairs out there
(i'm trying to find work as a cop)
that doesn't sound like discrimination, sounds like breaking the law