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Apparently the talk on the table was regarding blood group type. Netizens are laughing at how easily Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho found the conversation funny. Turns out all three of them apart from Kim Ji Won are blood type A. P.S. Krystal is also an A. Lee Min Ho said Choi Jin Hyuk is either a B or an O. Caption shows us Choi Jin Hyuk is an O. He then ask Shin Hye: Don’t tell me you are an A too? Shin Hye covered her mouth, trying to refrain from laughing and nodded a yes. Shin Hye asked Min Ho who else is A and Min Ho said Kang Ha Neul is A and Kim Ji Won said she is a B. Shin Hye decided to turn around and tell PD that they are a lot of A and PD informed her he also an A, which is why she’s like: “Really?” and they all laughed. Seriously, if Rachel hadn’t been so bitchy I would totally ship these two! They are visually beautiful couple, hehehe! Gosh Min Ho-ssi, your dimple… your dimple is killing me! And ohhh are you offering those lips for me… *SMOOOCHHHHESSSS* credit video to uploader