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I found this article on Soompi and though you guys would love it ! So here are 9 times BTS proved they are actual memes!

1. Jimin's Lack Of Jams

"When talking about BTS and memes, this one has to be mentioned, as it is one of the legendary moments capturing Rapmon’s abilities to A, speak English as if taught by hip hop lyrics, and B, mercilessly drag one of the members with just the smallest, most casually-dropped remark. On the plane to the United States for their “American Hustle Life” shoot, Namjoon graced the world with the quote: “Jimin, you got no jams.” In case you didn’t know, that’s actually Nams half-translating J-Hope’s remark, “Jimin is very no fun,” since the Korean phrase “jaemi eobseo” means “no fun/not interesting." -Gonzo

2. The Beach

"For a regular, normally functioning, non-A.R.M.Y person, the beach is just you know… a nice place by the ocean. For A.R.M.Ys on the other hand…well, they’ve probably all had the involuntary giggle when someone brought up their plans of going to the beach, earning weird looks. It all goes back to that one moment during the shooting of “American Hustle Life” when Jimin and V weren’t quite sure about the exact pronunciation of the word “beach.” I want to use this opportunity to thank the show’s editors for not editing this out and granting us access to one of the most important dialogues in the history of mankind. Probably." -Gonzo

3. Hobi VS. Snakeu

"Our hope, our angel – the one and only sunshine of BTS, aka J-Horse, aka Flower, aka “you better don’t free his forehead or people are gonna faint when he walks into a room” – Hoseok has the most precious English abilities that also involuntarily produce the best memes. How could anyone forget him saying, “Don’t toucheu my faceu,” when Jimin accidentally spit “dirty water” onto his face; or the legendary “I hate snakeu,” when asked about his encounter with a snake during the summer package filming. " -Gonzo

4. Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong

"The glorious freestyle of Yoongi during a “Star Cast” led to “Min Suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong” becoming a running gag that was mentioned several times – one time being when a genius user who sent in a question chose it as their username. But besides the term itself, the especially good part about this is what it describes. Min Yoongi being just exactly that. Whatever it really means, it perfectly captures the all swaggy, infired Suga" -Gonzo

5. TaeTae's Derp Face

"The incredibly beautiful existence that is Kim Taehyung probably got bored looking all flawless ‘n’ stuff; and in a desperate attempt to make normal human beings feel better about their lack of flawlessness, decided to regularly crunch up his face in bizarre grimaces. Everyone knows by now: this attempt failed miserably since Tae still looks amazing even when he’s trying not to." -Gonzo

6. Magician Jin

"As if Jin wasn’t already known as the fluffiest oldest member, loving mother, probably celebrity chef if he wasn’t an idol, and owner of shoulders one can only dream of leaning on, he recently added magician to this list (kind of). Jin keeps pulling out actual crafted hearts from his sleeves, his shirt, or even from the members’ pockets. That, plus his signature move of blowing a kiss, are both just incredibly cute ways of Jin showing A.R.M.Ys his love." -Gonzo

7. Rap Mon Speaking English And Everyone Else Going ????

"International fans have been blessed by Rapmon’s English skills since a long time ago. Recently, everyone has improved their language skills a lot, but sometimes it’s just not good enough yet for interviews. That’s why, during those situations, mostly everyone but Namjoon is quite clueless – adorably so, if I might add. Plot twist though: Yoongi recently came out with actually being able to understand most of the conversation." -Gonzo

8. Memekook

"When it comes to hilarious antics, of course we can’t miss themaknae. Maybe it’s because he’s the youngest of the bunch, but when JK goes all meme-y, you bet he’s gonna go all in, embracing the stupidity with his entire body. Just remember the weird dance and face that came to life during the “Dope” era, his legendary Dubsmash sessions with Tae, and his dancing, fooling around, or using fish as clothing accessories on national television. Thank you for being like this, Kookie." -Gonzo

9. Roasting Eachother

" This one probably goes back to their first encounter. While – of course – the boys love each other like family, they also drag each other just like families do. And trust me: we’re all here for it. Everyone gets their share: Jin for being old, Rapmon and Jin for their dancing skills, and just generally (poor) Jimin. Not even Bang PD is safe." -Gonzo


*Nothing in this card belongs to me, linking the article below once again*

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as i did :)


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