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Hey Otakus!

Today is a very special day because it's @BlackoutZJ 's Birthday! So lets all wish him a Happy Birthday on his special day!

Hey Buddy xD

I remember you as my very first official Vingle friend and even though we dont talk as much as we used to im glad you're still there. I hope you have an amazing day with all of your Waifus xD Happy Birthday Zakku!

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Happy Birthday to you on this special day of yours. 🎤🎤🎂🎂🍾🍾🎉🎉🎊🎊
Happy birthday to you, u look like a monkey !!! and you smell like 1 2!!!
hbd bro!
Happy happy joy joy!! Happy happy birthday to u! A very merry birthday to u!! 🎉📦
Happy Birthday to you on your day!!!