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Hello CandY bebes. Your token Cross Gene trash has returned once more from the Cross Gene Landfill, to make an announcement.

Let's have a great time here in the community. Truth we may not be an official team, but we will be here to spread all the love and joy Cross Gene has to offer.

β˜† Truths β˜†
You want gorgeous men to fall in love with? Then please sit down at the campfire. You may be here a while.
Are Tall gorgeous Japanese princes needed in your daily diet? Then look no further than our Japanese Prince, Terada Takuya. He is our number one prince, could he be one of yours?
Perhaps You desire for your very own Casper the Friendly Ghostie? Guess what?! We have one of those too! Meet Chu Xiao Xiang, our favorite Ghost. β™‘
Maybe you're more of a Leader? If that is so, then the best adorable Shin WonHo may be for you!! He's tall, charming, and most importantly, he's one of many (6) manchilds.
Maybe you're having a rough time and need a miracle in your life. I have one just for you, Lee Seyoung. Let his powerful vocals and sweet disposition make your ailments subside.
Are Goofballs more your style? Kim Sangmin would love to show you his vibrant personality that could set the mood for anyone. Us at the CandY Headquarters, call him our happy Bunny. You can too.
I know. I know, let's say you like a whole different kind.
Does your hair grow at an alarmingly fast pace?
Do you spend an unnatural amount of time in the bathroom?
Fear not if you answered yes to the questions above. I actually have great news. . From all indication, and according to Shin, you are just a pervert; Kind of like Kim Yongseok. It's no big deal, let your freak flap fly. β™‘

Β€ My Crew Β€

So I have brought on a few more faces to join our team. I have worked with them in other communities and believe they are a great new addition.
Biasing ShinTaku, @InfiniteKiss has accepted to join us β™‘ Thank you sweet girl.

@sukkyongwanser is Team Cross Gene. She will be covering the whole group, as she pleases. Thank you sweetheart. β™‘
@JiyongLeo & @Tigerlily84 are returning for our ShinBug β™‘

@StefaniTre is once more our Ghostie β™‘
Our happy Bunny is none other than @InfinitySky
@merryjayne13 will be our beautiful Prince Takuya β™‘
@AlexisJ15 decided to return as our gorgeous evil Maknae Yongseokie β™‘
I will be covering this beautiful angel, Seyoung.
We do hope you'll join us, and if you're new to the Fandom let me extend my biggest welcome to you. β™‘ We're pretty friendly here.

If you would like to be added to the taglist please let me know β™‘

Thank you for the AMAZING introduction! I love it and thank you for letting me join! I am excited to join the team!
You're super welcome bebe. Thank you again for joining us, we are all glad you have β™‘
Yay! Awesome lineup 😊
Thank you sweetheart