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Hello Topp Klass! I bring you game night. Our first game night will be.......Let's see what we have. Let the game begin. Here is the scenario.

You were invited to your best friends wedding. She reminded you several weeks ago to find a date and you must attend, or she will never speak to you again. The day has come and you still don't have a date. You call Topp Dogg's dorm and you have to leave a message. You wonder who will come to your rescue. Let's see who will be your night in shining armor.
You wonder who will be yout knight. You know that they will save you since, they just adore you so much and they have never let you down before. You begin to get ready and you wonder what dress you should wear to the wedding. You look in the closet to see.
You find the perfect dress for the wedding. You wonder how your date is doing. You call the dorm and one of the guys tell you that your date is on his way to pick you up. He left 15 minutes ago and should be there soon. You finish gettin ready. Now your ready. Make up is done, hair is in place, and you are dressed. You hear a knock at the door. You wonder what your date will be wearing.
Wow, he looks awesome. You guys will look fashionable at this wedding. You hope you two will not take the spotlight from your best friend. *you smile to yourself* He asks if you are ready. You are ready. You wonder what car he brought to take you to the wedding in.
On the way to the wedding, he tells you that he has a suprise for you. You wonder what kind of surprise he has in store for you. You ask him, but he will not give you a hint. He says you have to wait till after the wedding. You now arrive at the wedding.
After the wedding.......
Is was a great wedding and you are happy for your best friend. You and your date get in the car to leave and he reminds you of your surprise. You arrive at the airport and you wonder where he will be taking you too.
You arrive at your destination and he has everything set up. You will spending the weekend together, with dinner, shopping, watching movies and just spending the weekend with you getting pampered. He knows how much you have been working and you need to relax. What a great surprise!

Well our story has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed. See you next time and stay Klassy!

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