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Loco- Beagle

-Loves to play out doors
-Best friend
-Lays his head in your lap when bored and falls asleep
-Endless kisses to the face
-Constant attention whore
-The definition of lap dog

Simon D- Pit bull

-Looks tough
-Is tough (when he needs to be)
-Actual literal fluff ball
-Is great with children
-Does not need a lot of attention
-But when he wants attention you better show him some

Jay Park- Siberian Husky

-Has a wild side
-Loyal af
-Leader for real
-Gigantic baby no.1
-Will fight someone to protect you

Hoody- German Shepherd (puppy)

-Literally have the same eyes
-Highly intelligent
-Can smell your bull shit a mile away
-Total sweet heart
-Playful at this age

Ugly Duck- Shar Pei

-They look just a like
-Total lap dog
-Brings you gifts to make you happy
-Loves you unconditionally
-"Are you sad? Here's a million kisses to the face."
-Squishy af
-Souly devoted to you, gives no fucks about anyone else's orders

Gray- Great Dane (puppy & Adult )

-Confident af
-Good with kids too
-Gigantic baby no.2
-Endlessly devoted
-Will protect you from everything except during a thunderstorm storm
-You may have to give him the little thunder jacket

Elo- Dalmatian

-Quite outgoing
-Does not like when you raise your voice at him.
-Refuses to sleep in doggy bed prefers to be in your bed
-"Toss the ball already."
-Will annoy the Fuck out of you if you don't give him the attention he wants.

G-soul- Japanese Akita

-Faithful through and through
-So loving
-High energy
-"You're my favorite person in the world"
-Cuddles for days
-Doesn't need a lot of attention but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to play
-"I'll always take care of you"
What member from AOMG / H1gher music should be which kind of dog? Let me know if you have a different pup in mind for the guys above or the members I left out.
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Lol can I adopt the all of them. I'll show them all the love and attention in the world.
lmfao I plan to adopt them all too 😂😂😂😂😂
wait what about I need a cha cha beat boy? lol
@sugaryhope345 I couldn't decide on one for him. What do you think he is?
I see my bd is my fav dog #ilovehuskies
lol aren't they beautiful
Simon and I are meant to be 😍
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@royalpandajedi Lmfao true true 😂😂😂
Omg I love them... But damn you @BabydollBre I have always wanted a Siberian Husky. They're my favorite dogs!! 😍😍😍 and I love German Shepherds too..
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@BabydollBre Lmfaoo omg 😂😂😂😂❤
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