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Hello JJP Bouncers, I am here to post my results for today's game day. I hope that you will join in all the fun! Now let's see who I have chosen. Oh did I mention, I have not seem my results yet, so this will be a surprise to me also. Shall we begin.....
So I will be marrying.
This will be where I get married.
And apperently this was the dress that was made for me, since I picked it twice, during choosing where I will be having my wedding. Wow great luck! I love the dress.
Here is my wedding ring.
Here is our house. Wow I love it, I love the pool!

Here is our vehicle!
The number of children we will have. I think we will have to trade in the car for a SUV. Lol! I have enjoyed this game. I hope you will play and share your beautiful day!

Here is the link to play.

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