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Hey Royal Family, sorry Ive been lacking, but im here with my BR challenge days
So before I begin my bias is Suwoong just so you know :)

Day 1: Bias Pre-Debut (kind of a now and then picture)

Day 2: Bias Selca

Day 3: Bias Eating

Day 4: Bias Laughing

Day 5: Sexy Photo Of Bias (when the photo speaks for itself lol)

Day 6: Bias Winking

Day 7: Bias Airport Fashion
(whole outfit)

Day 8: Bias Sleeping
(not sleeping but he's chillin in a bed so it can count lol)
Thank you I hope you enjoyed~~
Royal squad
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I really loved this! Your bias is so cute!
Great job on catching up! I love the last photo of Suwoong 😍