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Out of the Bias and the Bias Wrecker who do I Marry?
The Bias, my Love, 내 진영.
Wedding? 어디?
Out door wedding.. interesting.. honesty I don't mind either way.. though I know the pictures with look amazing in that natural lighting. #winning
what do I wear?
well out if the options this was the best choice.
what about the Bing? (no not SHINee member of 90s rap song the ring dang it.. lol).
I honestly do picture me with a colored ring.. diamonds don't do it for me.. (though I've fallen into the diamond life.. Slight SEVENTEEN Carat over here. Don't hate me they are adorable and talented.)
Segway back to JJP please.
What's married life look like?
If living in the hypotheticals and slight reality of things the way my head and heart are going JinYoung is lucky I actually went down the aisle, a lot of convencing, shedding of fears, and living in to moment had to happen; with that being said it really makes sense we wouldn't have kids.. That's just another level and challenge of boundaries we'd have to over come and I think we'd either be to busy or to selfish to really have kids.. So in a way we are protecting society from the mess we'd create. (You are welcome World).
On another note I believe all the houses had pools, the rest of G7 is more than welcome to visit... Hell the rest of JYP is welcomed.. if they check in with JinYoung first.. before every visit... He can be a bit moody.. we all know it.. and if we don't have help he's most likely gonna be the one doing most of the cleaning and possibly the hosting..
JinYoung did you really fight to marry me.. lol.
Anywhos its your favorite K-pop K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha입니다 aka ENF2. Remember today is #AnotherDayToDoBetter. I'll do better, you do better.
사랑해 <3

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