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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my Jinyoung intro!! Okay be ready to be wooed by this basic intro!!
Jinyoung Aka Bae Jinyoung aka 1/2 of the winkdeep couple (he's the deep half, Jihoon is wink.) was born on May 10, 2000. (he's 18 Korean age and he's 17 international.)
His blood type is B (no clue why kpop idols find it essential to tell us their blood type but okay.), he weighs 62kg, and he is 175cm tall or 5'8" (closer to 5'9")
He is under C9 entertainment and when he started produce 101 (In February) he'd been a trainee for ten months (so now in July he would've been a trainee for 15 months or a year and two months.) prior to making it into wanna one.
His last words were (each trainee had last words they said before starting the show.) "I will work hard without quitting." and boy did he work hard because look where he is today!!! He's gonna debut on August seventh with 10 more amazing and talented people and I'm just so proud!!!
Fun fact: his specialties are skiing, football, and airplay.
He invented the yes good statement in produce 101.
Okay I'm done with the intro so have some cute pictures of Jinyoung!!
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful
Now that I look at him (even more than usual) he reminds me of Nu'est Jonghyun...for some reason
@MonieManhiM ah also may I be added to the list?