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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my Jisung intro card!!
Jisung aka Yoon Jisung aka the memelord was born on March 8, 1991. (his Korean age is 27 and his international age is 26.)
His blood type is B (seriously, why is this need to know??), he weighs 63kg and he is 175cm or 5'8" (closer to 5'9").
He is under MMO entertainment and when first starting produce 101 he'd been a trainne for five years and three months (now it's five years and eight months.)
His last words were "son of Gangwondo province, I'll act like it's the last time." and didn't he??!?! He kept thinking each stage was his last and worked his hardest!! And now he's debuting!
Fun fact: his specialty is acting.
Created the Jisung clap (which, no he didn't invent it, he just made it well known.)
Okay, that's the end of this intro so here's a spam of Jisung!!
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.