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Introducing Lee Daehwi~

Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my Daehwi intro! Its not much since they haven't debuted yet but it's a start!
Daehwi, aka Lee Daehwi, aka the boy who was once terrified of Kang Dongho was born on January 29, 2001. (aged 17 Korean age and 16 international.)
His blood type is A (still don't know why it's essential to know.), he weighs 53kg and, is 172cm or 5'7".
He's under Brand New Music nd when he first started produce 101 in February he'd been a trainee for two years and four months (now it'll be two years and nine months.)
His last words were "come on, let's debut!" and he fulfilled his last words!! I am so proud of him for making it so far!! He had to work so hard for this and I'm just so proud!!
Fun fact: he has a hobby of collecting candles.
He's actually a weird kid tbh.
I'm done with the info so here's a spam of Daehwi!!!
God damn it I really love this boy..
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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