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Hi hi! I have come with the next chapter. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter. I didn't hear back from much of anyone so I don't know how people felt about the smut scene. There's one at the beginning of this chapter as well, but if people don't care for it, I can take out another scene I had planned for later, so please let me know either by comment or by pm.
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.
Warning: Contains mild language, blood, violence. Definitely smut alert for the beginning of the chapter.


Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 12

Narrator POV
The next day, Namjoon woke up from thirst and hunger; but not the human kind. He wanted blood so badly. The previous night (Could it really be called previous when the ‘night’ had only ended a few hours ago?) had been… damned amazing. Namjoon had never had a night like that with anyone, ever. Maybe it was because he had never loved someone as much as Sam and thus had never wanted to pleasure anyone as much as he’d wanted to the previous night. And that was part of the problem right now. All that fun had completely wiped both of them out and left them with basically no energy. Which was why he was craving blood.
He knew he needed to get up and get the damn blood, but he was tired, even more than he should’ve been. Once again, he’d forgotten to drink the previous night. Add on what he and Sam had been doing and it was no wonder why he was so damn thirsty. Too tired for either of them to get dressed, only the necklace and some of the sheets clothed Sam. She was exposed out of the covers down to the tops of her breasts and parts of her legs. She looked too enticing. She let out a sigh and turned towards him, exposing her neck even more perfectly. Namjoon licked his lips and felt his fangs descend without his permission. He closed his eyes and turned away, trying to will himself to get out of bed.
“Awake?” asked Sam in a tired and gravelly voice. Namjoon felt his member stir at the sound of her sultry sleep-voice. That shouldn’t have been possible considering how much they’d exhausted themselves. But, after all, blood lust and lust could be very close together sometimes.
“Y-yeah,” he said in a shaky voice. “How’re you feeling?”
“Is it possible to be drunk off of sex? Cause I definitely feel drunk,” she laughed tiredly. Every sound in her voice awakened both desires in Namjoon. He finally forced himself to sit up. Sam followed suit, her hands holding the covers over her breasts. She looked a mess, probably just like he looked. And she looked absolutely delicious. “Where are you going?”
He avoided looking near her, afraid she would see the color of his eyes; the color of fresh human blood. As if he couldn’t already tell what he was craving. Today was not going to be a tablet day. He was going to need to get into his emergency stash.
“Namjoon, what’s wrong? Why won’t you look at me?” The sleep in her voice was almost gone, replaced by worry.
“Blood. I need to get some.” He threw the covers off and Sam grabbed his hand.
“Wait.” Before she had the chance to say another word, Namjoon was on top of her, fangs bared and at her throat. Namjoon could feel her pulse race, pulsating against his lips. He’d actually done it; he made her scared of him. He forced himself away, still unable to retract his fangs. The look in her eyes, wide-eyed with pupils dilated, she looked… she didn’t look scared, she looked… aroused. “Namjoon,” her voice came out barely louder than a whisper and almost in the tone of a moan. Almost.
“Don’t look at me like that,” he warned.
“Like what?” she challenged.
“Like you want me to bite you.”
“You told me, but…” She hesitated for a moment, unsure if this was what he would want. What if he thought she was crazy for wanting it so soon? Screw it. “I—I crave you when I’m away from you for even a few hours. I crave you even after we had crazy amazing sex that left me dead-tired and sore. I crave you already.”
Namjoon grabbed her hair and yanked, forcing her to face towards the ceiling and head of the bed. Her gasp, not of pain, but of pleasure, sent bolts of electricity through his veins. Sam felt him harden against her, separated from her by a thin sheet.
“If we do this, going back becomes extremely difficult,” the last sane part of Namjoon warned her.
“I don’t want to go back. I don’t ever want to go back.” And there was no truer truth in that moment.
Namjoon lifted himself enough to rip the covers away and then was back down against her, this time able to really feel her. His lips lingered over her throat, his tongue almost taste-testing her skin. His fingers glided down her body and into her folds. He groaned when he felt how wet she was for him already.
“You know what you’re asking for, right?” Sam grabbed his member and rhythmically began stroking it with a firm, but gentle, hand. His moans grew louder as he tried to cling to his senses for just a bit longer, long enough for him to stop if she asked him to. Because if he was gone, he was gone.
“I’m asking for you.”
“God…” He pulled her hand away and moved himself to her entrance. He felt his senses fade away. Without prepping her, hoping that their actions the previous night were enough, he pushed in. Her back arched against him and they moaned together, almost perfectly in sync. He began to move, starting out slowly, her slick arousal allowing for unimpeded movement. He licked his lips as his eyes focused on her neck. She was going to taste so damn good. Especially with all the endorphins and all from the sex coursing through her veins. “L-last ch-chance.”
Her hand came up to his head and guided him to her neck. His pace picked up. He would’ve thought that both of them would’ve been done after last night, but apparently they had at least one more round in them. He rolled over, putting her on top of him. Her hands stayed on his chest for stabilization.
“Like last night,” he told her. “Do it hard.” And she did exactly that. Sam didn’t know where the energy and drive was coming from, but it was damned amazing. Namjoon’s hands guided her hips. After only a short time, Namjoon lost patience. He flipped them back over. “Sorry. But I need you now.”
His deeper voice sent tingles down Sam’s spine, making her clench around him. He groaned and lowered his mouth to her throat once again. But this time, he didn’t stop. When a vampire’s fangs descend, their body secreted a substance to coat the fangs with a general anesthetic. But that didn’t mean Sam didn’t feel anything.
Sam cried out both from the pleasure and pain she felt as his fangs pierced her skin. Her nails dug into his back and Namjoon’s hips stuttered as he was distracted by the taste of her blood. He drank greedily from her; she tasted like he imagined the ambrosia of ancient myths and legends tasted like. The job of his fangs done, they retracted back into his gums with his mouth still attached and sucking on the wound and he continued thrusting into her at his previous pace. Her cries were the most delicious cries of pleasure he’d ever heard and they practically demanded more attention.
Namjoon wrapped his arms around her back and helped the two of them sit upright with him still inside her. Her knees touched the bed, straddling him, and her arms wrapped around his neck. Blood flowed down from her wound to the chain of the necklace, where it followed and dripped off of the color-matching pendant, down between her breasts. Namjoon lapped at it even while his hands trailed down to her rear. He held her firmly and started guiding her hips in the motion. Sam was quick to continue on her own and even increased the pace. The blood kept the pendant from bouncing the way her breasts beautifully did. They were both so close, so damn close. Namjoon was practically high off her blood and Sam found herself becoming light-headed, increasing the new experience.
Namjoon threw them both back onto the bed in their previous position, put her leg over his shoulder, and started pounding into her. The new angle made Sam scream out in pleasure. She felt herself ready to fall over the edge.
“Nam—joon—I’m—close—God—don’t—stop—“ she managed to say between his thrusts.
“Cum for me baby,” he said before latching onto her throat again. He was probably going to leave a beautiful hickey that would, fortunately or unfortunately, heal with the wound. Sam’s clenching threatened to bring Namjoon to his end before her. He thrusted harder, determined to make her cum first.
“Namjoon!” she screamed as she hit her high. It was even stronger than all the ones she’d had in the last several hours. Namjoon tried to keep going, but her clenching was almost vice-like and he felt himself come undone only seconds after her. His mouth hovered over her wound, unable make any sounds other than a repetition of her name. He kept moving to help them both ride out their orgasms. He felt Sam’s fingers that were on his back relax. He was pretty sure she’d broken the skin. Namjoon kitten-licked at her wound, letting the natural enzymes in his saliva start the rapid healing process.
He set her leg back down and let himself just hover over her. “That was…”
“Intense,” Sam finished for him, still breathless. She lazily grabbed his face and kissed him sweetly, finishing his sentence between kisses. She could taste the metallic taste of her blood. “Amazing. Exactly what it should have been. Exactly what we both wanted. What we both needed. It was just…”
“Perfect.” He finally pulled out of her and lay down next to her. Sam curled up on him. “You know what this means, right?”
“That I have an excuse to come over more often?” she replied sleepily.
Namjoon chuckled, his chest rumbling against Sam’s ears. As tired as he was, he also felt rejuvenated. He checked her wound to make sure it had clotted already, which it had.
“I love you,” he told her.
Sam smiled, her eyes not wanting to open anymore. “I love you too.”
“Come on, feisty. We need to take a shower.”
“Too tired…” she drawled in reply.
“Let’s wash off in the shower and then we’ll switch to the bath, okay?”
Sam groaned in annoyance.
“Babe. There’s blood and… everything else, all over the sheets. You’ve got some blood in your hair and all in your necklace. And even though I cleaned you up last night, we still have what we did just now. I know you’re gonna feel gross and I really need to take these sheets off. Don’t forget, there’s a reason why you’re sleeping on my side of the bed. I’ll help you in the shower and then we can relax in the bath, okay?”
Sam opened one eye. “Run the bath first.”
Namjoon laughed. “Alright. I’ll run the bath. Then I’m carrying you to the shower, awake or not.”
Sam nodded in agreement. With a laugh and a kiss on her forehead, Namjoon got up and ran the bath. He came back for Sam and picked up her exhausted body, carrying her to the shower. He only kept them there long enough to get the blood off and other bodily fluids and then carried her to the large spa-like tub. He settled himself behind her and gave her small commands to have her help him wash their bodies. It was slow, gentle, loving, and everything Namjoon imagined he could hope to have for the rest of their lives.
He somehow managed to wake her up enough for her to stand while he dried her off. He grabbed the clothes she’d packed, chuckling to himself when he saw the other sets of lingerie. She definitely had been prepared in case nothing happened the previous night. He doubted they’d need them for the rest of the weekend. He couldn’t imagine them having the energy to do it again and he was pretty sure Sam had to be really sore; they hadn’t gone easy the previous night. The bruising on her hips was already showing and Namjoon would have a lot as well if he didn’t heal so quickly. He carried Sam to the couch and stripped his bed. He didn’t hate his maid enough to make her clean them so he simply tossed them down the burnable’s bin. He’d take care of new sheets later.
Namjoon prepared fruit, toast, and passable eggs along with strong coffee for their breakfast. He guided Sam to the table and watched her, though tired, ravenously eat. When it was obvious they needed more food, Namjoon reheated the soup from the previous night and dished out rice from the rice cooker. The both ate with large appetites and Namjoon even had a blood tablet to drink. Though his thirst for Sam had been sated, his general thirst for blood had not been.
Sam had more energy by the time they finished eating. They spent the day talking, watching TV and movies, and playing videogames, never wanting to leave the apartment. They ordered out for lunch and dinner. That night, they slept holding close to each other on the new sheets Namjoon had put on.
Sunday, they finally left the apartment and went window shopping at a couple nearby malls. They went bowling, to the arcade (you’re never too old for the arcade, Namjoon had said), and to the movies. The puncture wounds from Namjoon’s fangs were gone minutes after the feeding, as if they were never there.
Sunday night was an unhappy parting between the two. Namjoon wondered how long was appropriate to wait to ask her to move in with him. He wanted her there every day. Without knowing Namjoon’s thoughts, Sam secretly hoped Namjoon would ask her, if not to move in with him, to at least stay some days during the week. She didn’t like have to leave him each time they parted, she wanted to be just in the same area as him.
Thursday was Sam’s next day off. She still had the on and off sensation of being followed. She was hoping to meet up with Namjoon on Thursday, but he was stuck working late into the night at a satellite office, the one he’d been working at when he’d been attacked. The parking for that building was at the end of the block, which was why Namjoon had been out at that time. When Namjoon told her, Sam came up with a plan.
During the day, she took care of some extra work some people from the gathering had asked her to participate in, but at night, she kept messaging Namjoon. When he said he had maybe an hour left, Sam walked to a dark alley, across from his building. He messaged her that he was finally getting to leave and Sam waited for him to come out. She didn’t need him to know she was there, she just wanted to make sure he’d be safe this time.
She smiled when she saw him step out of the building, the alarm beeping the countdown as he locked it behind him. He let out an exasperated sigh. He looked at her message and a smile lit up his face, making Sam feel butterflies. He started walking toward the parking lot and Sam followed him quietly. Sam was surprised when he didn’t turn at the entrance of the parking lot. He kept walking and turned at the next street, out of Sam’s view. She quickly crossed the street and followed after him. Aware that he possibly sensed he was being followed, she was careful. She didn’t want him to mistake her for another attacker.
She lost him down the next street and sighed. There was no way she was going to fall into the trap of trying to follow him and let herself get caught. She turned around to find someone waiting for her in the shadows at the end of the street. She hadn’t felt someone following her. Was it Namjoon or was it one of the people who’d been stalking her? She rested her hand on her gun.
“Relax, feisty,” came Namjoon’s voice. Sam smiled and let her hand drop to her side.
“Damn. You caught me. I thought I was being sneaky.”
“You were,” he laughed, walking towards her. “If I hadn’t caught a glimpse of you looking at your phone from the office window, I wouldn’t have known you were there.”
“No fair,” she pouted, walking into his arms. “You knew the whole time?”
“Only when I was getting ready to leave. At first I thought you were waiting to see me, but then I figured you were actually just watching me.” His face nuzzled against her hair. “Why were you there anyway?”
“After last time, I wanted to make sure you’d be okay. I know you can take care of yourself, but I also know you won’t if it puts some stupid kid’s life in danger.”
Namjoon kissed her sweetly. “My own personal bodyguard.”
“How sweet,” came a voice from across the street. The tone was dripping with sarcasm and disgust. Lightning fast, the two separated, Sam stepping in front of Namjoon, gun out of its holster pointing to the ground.
“Oh look,” came another voice. “The enforcer’s protecting her little boyfriend.”
“How pathetic,” a female voice added.
Their few words were enough for Sam to conclude that they were after her and specifically because she was an enforcer. They didn’t seem to know that Namjoon was a vampire.
“Who the hell are you?” Sam asked them. It was quiet for a few moments as they stepped out of the shadows with their hoods still hiding their faces. There were six of them total.
“Who we are doesn’t matter,” a tall male said as he stepped out of the line. “What matters is why we’re here. And you’re not going to like it, Ms. Wester.”
“Are you the ones who’ve been stalking me? I mean, if you wanted my autograph, you could’ve just asked.”
“Sam,” Namjoon said quietly. He had been trying to gently tug her behind him while also trying to dial one of the guys from the phone in his jacket pocket. He wasn’t sure if he’d succeeded or if they even knew something was wrong. Sam was resisting his efforts to protect her. She was the enforcer, it was her job to protect others.
“She’s a little feisty, isn’t she?” the first man commented to the others.
“Doesn’t matter,” the tall man said. “And neither does the collateral. Sorry, guy, looks like wrong place, wrong time.”
“You know what I am and what I do, right? You know I help vampires too, right?” Sam asked them, trying to keep the anxiety out of her voice.
“An enforcer’s an enforcer.”
“I protect people. Human or vampire, I treat them fairly. I’m one of the few human enforcers keeping the rest in check.”
“All the more reason why you have to go,” a second female said.
“Oh?” Sam kept an eye on the vampires that were starting to fan out.
“Yeah,” the last male finally spoke up. “You’ll be the perfect trigger to set the humans off. They go crazy, vampires will be forced to act instead of being submissive cowards, bowing down to the human pestilence.”
Sam started laughing.
“The fuck’s so funny, bitch?” the second male spat. Namjoon started growling lowly.
Sam grabbed Namjoon’s hand, knowing that nothing good would happen if he lost his temper.
“What’s funny is that you guys are pathetic idealists who probably aren’t educated. You spout off drivel like the villain in a superhero movie. It’s quite sad. More than that though, you’re sad. Trying to start a war like we had before will only lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people, both vampires and humans. I’m sure you don’t care about humans because, well, you’re blind to everything. As for vampires, I guess you’d have to know what kind of death toll you’re trying to bring and would simply justify innocent deaths as ‘for the greater good’, whatever that stupid, antiquated concept really means. So tell me, did I guess correctly?”
While she couldn’t see their faces, she could see their hands clench at her words. She’d probably hit it right on the head.
“Self-righteous bitch!” One of the women sprinted at her and lunged. Sam managed to level her gun and shot the woman straight in the thigh. The woman fell to the ground, clutching her thigh and hissing in pain.
“This bitch!” the other woman screeched.
“Stay back,” Sam warned, pointing the gun at her.
“You’re not fast enough to take us all,” the last male gloated venomously.
“That’s true. But these bullets contain Sunshine. Your friend will bleed out and die just from the leg wound if you don’t get her attention soon.”
“We’re willing to die for the cause,” the tall man said.
“It’ll probably come to that. I can take a few of you and, oppa, you can take a few, right?”
“Like you even need to ask,” Namjoon replied. “I’d be ripping their throats out right now if I weren’t worried about leaving you.” He crouched down to the same position as the ones still standing.
“Vampire?!” the woman asked incredulously, looking to the others.
“Traitor,” the tall man spat. “Not only are you friendly towards humans, but you’re consorting with them too? And her of all people? You deserve to die even more than she does.”
Namjoon bared his fangs. “Touch her and you’ll all die right now.”
“Such a good lap dog. Tell me, are you with her for the sympathy or the blood? Or is she just that good in the sack?”
“Oppa,” Sam said in an even voice, trying to calm him down. Maybe a couple more minutes of hearing their comrade crying in pain would be enough to convince them to lick their wounds for the day. She wasn’t so lucky. Ten seconds later, the group, moving to set themselves up to get a better advantage, attacked.
Jin was annoyed when his phone went off. He knew that it must’ve been important because everyone knew better. He groggily looked at the ID. He groaned when he saw ‘Joon’ on his screen. He answered it, annoyed.
“What, Namjoon? You better be dying if you’re calling now.” There was no response. Had Namjoon managed to butt-dial him? “Joon,” he said louder to get Namjoon to hear him. Nothing. He was about to hang up when he heard something. There was a voice. It was distant and he couldn’t hear the words, but with more concentration he could hear Sam start to talk. She sounded a lot closer.
“—stalking me? I mean, if you wanted my autograph, you could’ve just asked.” Jin sat straight up. It sounded almost like she was yelling at someone.
“Sam,” he heard Namjoon say. The tone of his voice wasn’t good. There were more voices again that he still couldn’t hear. Jin used the landline to call the lobby and have this and Hoseok’s cars brought immediately to the front. He called Hoseok and, only telling him there was an immediate emergency, had Hoseok call the two youngest while he called Jimin and Yoongi. No time to change, Jin grabbed his jacket, gun, spare cartridges, and knives. Jin waited impatiently for them in the lobby. They were there within a minute of him. They all had bedhead and were dressed in their pajamas, complete with puffy eyes, but they looked ready for a fight.
“Something’s wrong with Namjoon and Sam.” He quickly briefed them while they jogged to the front. The cars weren’t there yet. He told them about the yelling and then screaming on the phone and then the phone suddenly disconnected. Yoongi couldn’t wait for the casr. He started sprinting to the office buildings. He pushed the limits of what even a vampire was supposed to be able to do, going as fast as any of their cars. The others looked after him in shock. He was going to seriously hurt himself and probably still not get there any faster than them.
But Yoongi didn’t care. As soon as Jin said what the trouble was, he had to go. His brother and the woman both the two were bonded with were in danger. He’d never moved so fast in his life. When he got to the building, all the lights were off and Namjoon and Sam were nowhere to be seen. His muscles screamed at him but he ignored it. He tried listening for any sounds, but the neighborhood was dead silent. There was a sinking feeling in his stomach.
Then he smelled it—blood. Vampire blood, a lot of it, and a small trace of human blood. He prayed he wasn’t too late. He followed the scent around the corner of the street and saw something a little ways down. There were bodies in the street, the scent of blood was overwhelming. All he could think was that if any of those bodies were Sam’s or Namjoon’s, he would snap. It looked like one person was still standing. He couldn’t make out who it was and the streetlight only made more confusing shadows. He slipped into the shadows in case it was one of the attackers.
He felt his heart stop. Sam’s face was highlighted in the fluorescent light, but there was someone else with her, someone feeding on her. The rage took over his body and Yoongi let himself lose control.

So, a fair amount of important things happened this chapter. I hope it was okay. And to reiterate, if you think I shouldn't include smut anymore, please let me know so I can change things accordingly. But anyhow, for the end, sorry to leave it on such a cliffhanger, but that seems to be my favorite thing to do. No better way to end the chapter, lol.
So, thank you all for reading. I hope to see you again for the next chapter.
Please feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism either on here or messaging me. I'm always looking to improve.
Also, I'm starting to upload all my old stories onto Wattpad in case anyone is interested or uses it. My username is the same. Thanks in advance!
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